Here’s How to Share Someone Else’s Instagram Story (2021)

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Instagram has story feature. You might have ever seen other users sharing another user’s story.  You wonder why can’t you do that. To reduce your confusion, here’s how to share someone else’s Instagram story easily.

Instagram story is one of the most used feature that allows you to share your activities in real time, that lasts for 24 hours. Even though you can make it longer or even forever by making the story as highlight, many people still prefer to make it last only 24 hours.

The story feature can be shared depends on many condition. Unlike other social media app like Twitter, Facebook, and more, Instagram make it difficult for you to share Instagram story, especially other’s Instagram story as your story.

If Instagram were allowing you to do this, chances are many people won’t use Instagram story anymore. They don’t want their privacy being violated by letting anonymous person or even their followers to share their Instagram story, even if they can delete the story.

Unlike sharing post to Instagram story, it is really limited for you to share someone’s story on Instagram. But, there are still something you can do about it.

Yes, you can do these in Android and iPhone.

How to Share Someone Else’s Instagram Story through Link

Instagram allows users to share someone else’s Instagram story through link. But, there’s limitation to this: you can only share someone’s story from public account, not private account.

Instagram doesn’t allow copying link of private Instagram story because it violates their privacy. If that could ever happen, then switching from public to private account means nothing at all.

You can share story from public Instagram account to your story by sharing the link. But, you have to meet some criteria to be able to share link in Instagram story. With that in mind, you can share the story’s link to other apps, like WhatsApp.

To do this, just open up someone’s Instagram story you want to share through link. Tap kebab button at the bottom of your screen. Tap Copy Link.

how to share someone's story on instagram

Instagram will then says that the link has been copied. Now, you can share the story’s link to other apps for other people to see it.

how to post someone else's story on instagram story

You can also share someone’s story to other apps directly from Instagram instead of copying the link first. Tap the kebab button. Then choose Share to. Choose which app you want to share the Instagram story to.

share instagram story to other apps

That’s it. Sharing someone’s story on Instagram through link is easy.

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How to Share Someone’s Story on Instagram by Tagging

Instagram also provide different way to share your Instagram story to someone else’s. The same works if you want to share someone’s story on your Instagram account.

But, there’s limitation to this: you can only share someone’s story that’s public Instagram account which also have tagged you that story.

If their Instagram account is private but you’ve followed them, you can’t share. If their account is public and they don’t tag you in their story, you can’t share that story. You are required to be tagged on their story while at the same time their account is not private.

Ok. Let’s do this.

Open your Instagram app. Go to the notification. Tap the notification which tells that they have mention or tag you in their story. Instagram will then open the story. Tap Add to your story button.

tagging instagram story share

This method can works with any kind of Instagram story, whether it is picture or video. If you share someone’s story that is video, you will see the video playing before you begin to post the story. Tap Send to. Then tap Share to finally post the story.

post instagram story

You can then add that story to highlight. Tap Done if you’re done posting someone else’s story on your Instagram account.

instagram story has been published

But, how about story you’re not tagged in?

Well, you can still repost Instagram story you’re not tagged in, but it is can be done indirectly.

Instagram has story which is one of the most used feature. But many people still don’t know how to share someone’s story to their Instagram account. Well, Instagram itself limit the ability to share other users’ story, mainly because the platform protect users privacy the most.

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