How to Show Desktop on Windows 10 (3 Ways)

show desktop windows 10

Windows 10 and older Windows version has a feature hide all the windows you open. Here’s how to show desktop on Windows 10, which can also be done in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.

Working while there are lots of unminimized windows cost time to show the desktop. You may think you need to minimize each window so you can see the desktop again. But, no. You don’t have to.

It’s very fortunate that Windows 10 still bring the “show the desktop” button, which has another function to peek the desktop. It works by hovering the cursor onto the button, which saves time if you don’t really want to open the desktop.

How to Show Desktop on Windows 10

If you occasionally find yourself with these unminimized windows like this, you can minimize all of those windows and show the desktop again in a quick way.

how to show desktop on windows 10

To show the desktop, just click the button at the bottom-right corner.

show desktop

How to Peek at the Desktop on Windows 10

If you hover that button, you will peek at the desktop instead of showing it. This is necessary if you are lazy enough to actually click the button.

You will see that there’s the shadow still shown.

show desktop windows 10

When you click the button, you will show the desktop and you can move your cursor wherever you want.

peek at desktop

How to Enable “Peek at Desktop” Feature

By default, the peek feature is enabled. But, if you find the desktop isn’t being peeked at while hovering your mouse at the button, the peek feature might be disabled. Here’s how to enable it.

First, right-click the bottom-right corner. Click Peek at desktop.

get to the desktop using taskbar

Now, when you hover your cursor at that button, you will see the desktop temporarily.

Another Way to Show the Desktop on Windows 10: Taskbar Context Menu

The Taskbar context menu contains an option that lets you show the desktop. It’s an alternative button to the bottom-right corner button.

You can access that menu by right-clicking the Taskbar. Click Show the desktop.

taskbar show desktop windows 10

If you occasionally do multi-tasking in Windows 10 and find yourself harder to show the desktop by minimizing all the windows, you can do one quick button to minimize all those windows. This will show the desktop again either temporarily by peeking at it or by actually showing it.

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