2 Easy Ways on How to Show Trello Count Cards in Lists

trello card counter shows

Trello doesn’t really provide a card counter as a visible feature on your board. There are some ways to turn it on. Here’s how to show Trello count cards in lists using the built-in feature or an extension.

A Trello board contains a lot of lists, and each list contains a lot of cards. This makes it a little more difficult to manage the cards when you have no idea how many of them, especially, when there are a lot.

But this counting problem doesn’t have to make you unproductive at all. Trello has already the solution. You can also use a browser extension for a different approach.

How to show Trello count cards in lists (built-in feature)

You can show the card counter using the search feature. Open your Trello board. Click Show menu.

how to show trello count cards in list

Once the menu is open, click Search cards. You’re not going to search cards, but you can use the search feature to show the card counter by asterisk symbol.

search cards

Simply put the asterisk symbol alone, and click the back button or the close button to close the menu.


You will immediately see the card counter on all lists making it easy for you to manage the cards. To hide the card counter, simply click the X button beside the menu button.

card count shows

Showing the card counter using a browser extension (Chrome, Edge, Opera)

Chrome and other browsers using Chromium are able to use the Trello Card Counter extension, which has been used by more than ten thousand users. Download from the link below:

Download Trello Card Counter on the Chrome Web Store

Click the Add to Chrome button.

add to chrome

Select Add extension to install the extension.

add extension

Once the extension installed, reload your Trello board and the card counter will automatically show.

trello card counter extension

It will conveniently show on each list. To turn off the counter, simply disable the extension or uninstall it.

trello card counter shows

Every time you add or remove a card, the card counter will automatically update, regardless of which method you use (Trello built-in feature or an extension). This is great for better productivity when managing a lot of cards.

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