How to Stop Microsoft Teams from Starting Automatically

By default, Microsoft Teams starts automatically after booting. You can disable it from opening at startup so it will only run after you manually open it. Here’s how to stop Microsoft Teams from starting automatically on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

Microsoft Teams is a good collaboration app that you can choose to run automatically at startup or not. You can decide that inside the Microsoft Teams app, Task Manager, or Windows 10’s Settings app.

How to Stop Microsoft Teams from Starting Automatically

Microsoft Teams can start automatically after you turn on the PC by showing the app on the System Tray. In the same place, you can disable the startup so it doesn’t run automatically at startup anymore.

Simply open the System Tray on the Taskbar, which you can open by clicking the arrow up icon. Right-click the Microsoft Teams, choose Settings. This will open the Settings window of Microsoft Teams, which you can access inside the app as well.

microsoft teams settings

Open the Microsoft Teams app. Click your profile picture. Then choose Settings.

microsoft teams auto-start

Here, uncheck the Auto-start application. From now, you should not see Microsoft Teams running at startup anymore. It won’t run automatically after booting.

how to stop microsoft teams from starting automatically

You can also disable the Microsoft Teams startup program using the Windows 10’s Settings app. Open the Settings through the Start menu.

windows 10 settings

Click Apps.

windows 10 apps settings

Now choose Startup. Uncheck Microsoft Teams. Now it won’t run automatically at startup.

stop microsoft teams from starting windows 10 automatically

There’s still another method. You can use the Task Manager to manage startup programs. Right-click the Taskbar, choose Task Manager.

task manager

At Startup, choose Microsoft Teams then click Disable.

task manager startup

Microsoft Teams is a nice collaboration app that runs automatically after booting by default. You can make it stop running automatically by doing one of the above methods.

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