How to Stop Netflix Autoplay Previews to Stop Spoilers

Netflix deliberately spoils their own shows on the app and the website. But no one enjoys a show with a spoiler. Here’s how to stop Netflix autoplay quickly.

Spoilers can come from anywhere, but Netflix seems to deliberately spoils shows or movies using the preview feature. Here’s how to stop Netflix autoplay (trailer, teaser, or preview).

Netflix has the preview feature every time you open a show detail on the mobile. It plays automatically the preview of the show. You don’t even need to open the show detail to see the automatic preview on its website.

Another preview feature exists at the end of the episode, showing what will happen at the next episode. That’s not appropriate for those who want spoiler-free, and it kills the mood when watching it.

This feature also allows Netflix to ask you “are you still watching?“. Fortunately, they provide a way to disable those annoying previews on all devices.

How to stop Netflix autoplay on the website, mobile, TV, and all other devices

To do this, simply open the Netflix website. Click Manage profiles.

netflix who's watching

Choose which Netflix profile you want to disable/enable the autoplay preview.

manage profiles netflix

Here, simply uncheck both the Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices and Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices. Click Save to continue and to stop the autoplay.

turn off netflix autoplay preview, trailer, or teaser

On your device, sign out of the Netflix app then sign in again to apply the change. On the mobile, you can do that by tapping the button beside the search.

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open profile in netflix

Tap Sign out.

sign out from netflix

Select Sign out to confirm.

sign out

Then, sign in again.

Now, you’re not going to see any spoiler from the autoplay preview. But, you can still tap the play button manually to see the preview.

neflix autoplay preview is now disabled

Unfortunately, Netflix provides a way to disable only those two previews. They still don’t provide a way to disable the thumbnail, or episode’s synopsis, which often spoils a significant part of the story, like two important characters meet each other.

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