How to Stop OneDrive Taking Over Print Screen Key on Windows 10

disable onedrive print screen keyboard shortcut

OneDrive is simply good enough if you want to sync your PC settings and personal files. But you encounter the strange thing: OneDrive takes over the Print Screen key. Here’s how to stop OneDrive taking over Print Screen key so you can use the key on other apps.

A simple story. I was using the PicPick app which is one of the best screenshot apps for Windows 10. I set the hotkeys to use the Print Screen button for taking a screenshot. But it encounters an error saying the hotkey is already used by another app. I wonder: which is it?

OneDrive was the first thing that came to my mind. I opened it. Fixed the problem. Now, I can take a screenshot without encountering the OneDrive message or switching to another hotkey only to prevent the conflict of OneDrive taking over the Print Screen key again. Here’s how.

How to stop OneDrive taking over Print Screen key

To disable OneDrive’s Print Screen hotkey, simply open the app through the system tray. Now click Help & Settings.

how to stop onedrive taking over print screen key on windows 10

Now choose Settings.

disable onedrive print screen keyboard shortcut

Go to Backup. Simply uncheck Automatically save screenshots I capture to OneDrive. Click OK to save.

onedrive print screen has been disabled

You should now be able to use the Print Screen hotkey in another program.

Print Screen is still used in OneDrive? Try setting it up

OneDrive might not be fully set up. That’s why you still encounter an error message when trying to use the Print Screen hotkey in other apps.

You don’t have to enable it on OneDrive. All you need to do is just simply press the Print Screen button, let the OneDrive window pop out, then click No thanks.

OneDrive now won’t use the Print Screen key anymore.

Try updating/upgrading your Windows 10 build/version if the problem persists

If the problem persists, you might get an out-of-date version of OneDrive. You can use Windows Update to make sure your operating system getting new fixes to reduce bugs or other related problems.

OneDrive by default uses the Print Screen key as its hotkey or keyboard shortcut. That’s fine as long as you use it. But, sometimes you want to use it for another app, not for OneDrive. By using the method above, you can now safely use the hotkey anywhere else other than OneDrive.

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