How to Stop Signal Contact Joined Notification

Signal notifies you every time someone in your contact joined the messaging app. Here’s how to turn off the contact joined notification in Signal.

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Signal is getting more popular, and it tells you when someone whose contact you saved joined Signal, which can be annoying for some people. Here’s how to stop Signal contact joined notification.

Signal works like WhatsApp, which uses your phone number to message other users. By default, Signal sends you a notification every time someone in your contact just joined Signal, which isn’t convenient. But don’t worry, you can turn it off.

How to stop contact joined notification in Signal

Open the Signal app. Tap your profile picture at the top-left.

how to stop signal contact joined notification

On the Settings menu, click Notifications.

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Here, scroll down until you find Contact joined Signal.

turn off notification

To turn off the contact joined notification, simply set the toggle off by making it grey instead of blue.

Now, Signal won’t send you a notification when someone whose contact you save joined the messaging app.

However, it doesn’t turn off notification about the information that you joined Signal to anyone, unless that anyone turns off the Contact joined Signal notification as well.

Signal is still a new app that provides better privacy, but for most people, the contact joined Signal notification is useful, since the app isn’t that popular yet and you could waste time asking anyone in your contact whether they have joined Signal. But the choice to turn it on/off is still yours.

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