How to Strikethrough on Google Docs (Web & Mobile Apps)

how to strikethrough on google docs

Unlike in Microsoft Word, doing a strikethrough isn’t something straightforward in Google Docs. Here’s the complete guide on how to use strikethrough on Google Docs (on PC or the mobile app).

While using the strikethrough feature is actually easy on Google Docs, the feature is a little bit hidden on Google Docs, especially on the mobile app (on Android and iPhone). Thus some people find it difficult to find where the strikethrough button is.

For those who don’t know, a strikethrough is a line on a text that is used to create the impression that it is removed or a mistake. You can strikethrough easily anywhere, on a PC browser or your mobile phone.

How to strikethrough on Google Docs (web)

On your PC or Mac browser, using the strikethrough feature on Google Docs is easy. Simply select the text you want to strikethrough.

selecting text on google docs

Click Format. Select Text. Select Strikethrough.

format text strikethrough

The text you have selected now will have a strikethrough on it.

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How to remove a strikethrough on Google Docs

If you change your mind or did a mistake, you can remove a strikethrough easily by doing the same thing as adding one. Simply select the text with strikethrough on it, select Format > Text > Strikethrough.

Then, the strikethrough is removed instantly.

How to add a strikethrough on Google Docs mobile app

Google Docs has the mobile app version to make it easy for you to edit your documents anywhere. It has the strikethrough feature as well, but some people perhaps find it difficult to find.

To strikethrough, simply open the Google Docs app and open the document you want to edit. Tap the edit button at the bottom. Select the text you want to strikethrough, and select the button (which has the tooltip “Format”) near the Undo and Redo buttons at the very top of your phone screen.

adding a strikethrough on google docs

On the Text tab, select S button which is the strikethrough button. Once you tap on it, the text will contain the strikethrough. To remove the strikethrough, simply tap it again.

strikethrough has been added

Strikethrough might not be really straightforward on Google Docs, but you can still do it easily, including on the Android/iPhone app.

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