How to Turn Off Read Receipts in Signal (Android/iPhone)

Signal shows two checkmarks with a dark background, but you can hide them. Here’s how to turn off read receipts in Signal, on Android and iPhone.

message sent with read receipt turned off

Signal works almost like WhatsApp, which shows you whether your messages are read or delivered. But this isn’t for everyone. Here’s how to turn off read receipts in Signal, which can be done on Android and iPhone.

If you’re new to Signal, you might get confused about how the read receipts work. You might not know whether your message is already read, or just delivered, or not being sent at all.

In essence, when you send a message (being marked with a dotted circle), it will be sent to Signal server (marked with one checkmark), then it’s delivered to the recipient (with two checkmarks), and finally, read (with two checkmarks filled with dark color, if you use white/light theme).

If you use a dark theme of Signal app, the read messages would have two checkmarks filled with white/light color, and vice versa, the unread/only delivered messages would have been filled with no color at all, making them look the same as the dark background.

So, you have sent some messages to others, and they read them. But now you want others’ messages to be marked as “delivered” for them, even though you have read them all. You can do that for new messages, but it would be applied to both participants.

In other words, if you turn off read receipts to avoid others seeing whether you have read the messages they sent to you, you can’t see whether they have read the messages you sent to them as well.

How to turn off read receipts in Signal (works on Android and iPhone)

To do this, simply open the Signal app.

Click your profile picture at the top-left.

how to turn off read receipts in signal

On the Settings, simply click Privacy.

signal settings menu

Here, scroll down, and turn off the toggle that says Read receipts. If it is turned off, it is marked as a grey toggle.

privacy read receipts turned on

Now, let’s try sending messages. This is what it looks like to you when you send messages and the recipient has read them (or even replied to them), being marked as delivered, showing two checkmarks with light fill color (light theme).

message sent with read receipt turned off

This is what it looks like to them. The last message has been read by you, but the message shows two checkmarks with no fill meaning it is marked as delivered to them.

from someone's signal

Signal works a little differently, but with a similar concept of how read receipts would work, as easy as the WhatsApp checkmark concept. You can turn it on and off, so your privacy can be protected the way you want it to be.

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