How To Turn Up the Mic Volume on Windows 10

There’s a moment when you have to adjust your mic volume. Here’s how to turn up the mic volume on Windows 10 as fast as possible.

device properties

Your computer’s microphone can sometimes be too loud or too low. Here’s how to turn up the mic volume on Windows 10 (and turn it down).

Windows 10 has an easy shortcut to turn up or down your speaker’s volume, like using your keyboard shortcut or the Taskbar’s speaker icon. But the process is a lot more complex for your microphone.

Adjusting your microphone’s volume means you’re going to adjust how loud you can be heard by your computer’s microphone.

If you think your video conference teams hear you too loud or your voice recorder app plays your voice with very low volume even after you turn up your speaker’s volume, you might need to adjust your microphone volume.

How to turn up the mic volume through the Taskbar

Although adjusting mic volume isn’t as easy as doing one for speaker volume, this method is probably the best shortcut you can take to turn up the mic volume.

Simply right-click the speaker’s icon on the Taskbar. Click Sounds.

how to turn up the mic volume on windows 10

Here, open the Recording tab. Right-click the Microphone. Select Properties.


You’re going to see the Microphone Properties. Open the Levels tab and there, you can adjust or turn up the mic volume on Windows 10 by just dragging the slide button. You can also type specific volume number.

microphone properties

How to adjust the mic volume using the Settings app

Windows 10 has also the Settings app. It includes a setting to adjust your mic volume.

Simply open the Start menu. Select Settings.

settings app on windows 10

Here, select System.


Open the Sound tab. You are going to see the Input section there. Click Device properties under the Input section for your microphone.

device properties

There it is. An easy way to turn up or down your mic volume. Simply drag the slide button. You can also test the mic volume so you don’t need to second-guess how loud or low your voice is going to be heard on video conferences.

device properties

Adjusting your mic volume may not be as easy as adjusting your speaker volume. But it still can be done with a few clicks on your Windows 10 operating system.

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