How to Unarchive on Instagram (Posts and Stories)

Instagram has a feature to archive your posts and stories. If you want to get back, here’s how to unarchive Instagram photos, videos, and stories easily.

Instagram has an archive feature. This Instagram archive feature can be useful if you don’t want to delete your Instagram posts but to hide them from your follower. However, if you might get stuck and don’t know how to get them back to show them up to your follower, here’s how to unarchive on Instagram.

Instagram has become a popular social media app. It has over a billion monthly active users. But, only a few of them know exactly how to use the archive feature, including to unarchive Instagram posts or stories.

You can unarchive Instagram posts in any kind of account, including a business account. You can not only unarchive posts but also Instagram stories. You can get back your archived pictures and videos easily using these methods.

How Instagram Archive Works

The Instagram archive works, obviously, by hiding your Instagram posts instead of deleting them. If you have a picture you don’t want to delete but want to hide from anyone else, you can archive that Instagram post and unarchive it whenever you want.

Some people use the Instagram archive feature usually by visiting the post they want to archive, tapping the kebab button, and tapping Archive.

Once they tapped Archive, the post is automatically gone from your profile. That means any person including your Instagram followers won’t be able to see your archived post. It’s private, and only you can see the post.

Once you archived an Instagram post, you might be wondering, can you unarchive Instagram posts?

Well, the answer is: yes.

You aren’t only able to recover your archived Instagram posts, but also archived Instagram stories (only if you turned it on this whole time).

Here’s how.

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How to Unarchive Instagram Posts Easily on Android and iPhone

Instagram easily has a simple feature that lets you unarchive Instagram posts easily without stress.

Here’s how.

Go to your Instagram profile.

Select the hamburger button at the top, then the Archive button will appear. Tap it.

Here is where your archived Instagram posts and stories are located. To get back your archived Instagram posts, just tap the toggle at the top saying Stories Archive and then tap Posts Archive to see your archived Instagram posts instead of stories.

To unarchive an Instagram post, just tap it to view it. Then tap the kebab button at the top of the post, then choose Show on Profile to unarchive the post.

Your archived Instagram post will immediately appear on your profile. You’ve unarchived that Instagram post.

If you want to delete that archived Instagram post, you can just tap Delete instead of tapping the Show on Profile button.

As we said earlier, you can also unarchive Instagram stories instead of posts. But, how?

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How to Unarchive Instagram Stories on Android and iPhone

Make Sure You’ve Been Activating The Feature This Whole Time

Instagram has a feature in the Settings called “Save to Archive”. If you didn’t turn it on in the past until now, you can’t unarchive Instagram stories. It’s because they have been either automatically deleted, or, if you’re lucky, saved to Gallery (if you turned on the “Save to Gallery” feature in Instagram).

how to unarchive instagram story

If you want to make sure you’ve been turning the feature on and want to unarchive Instagram stories, here’s how to do it.

Go to your Instagram profile. Tap the hamburger button. Tap Settings.

Now, tap Privacy. Then tap Story.

This is where the story setting is located. You can change any settings about the Instagram story here, including turning on the automatic “save to archive” feature. To turn it on, simply tap the toggle Save to Archive until it becomes blue.

archive instagram story automatically

If you find out you actually turned the feature on, here’s how to unarchive the Instagram story.

How to Unarchive Story on Instagram

Simply just visit your Instagram profile page. Tap the hamburger button, and tap Archive.

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Now, tap Posts Archive at the top then taps Stories Archive to see and unarchive your Instagram stories.

Here is where your archived Instagram stories are located. If you have been turning on the feature, you will see your disappeared Instagram stories after its 24 hours limit on this Stories Archive page. If you have not, you won’t see those Instagram stories — they were simply deleted once they hit 24 hours limit.

Tap any archived Instagram story. You view in the detail, do anything about those memories that have been archived automatically.

You can delete your archived Instagram story by tapping More and selecting Delete. You can save them by tapping Save Photo. You can also share that story as an Instagram post.

If you want to share that archived Instagram story again, just tap Share. Then, choose Your Story to share the archived Instagram story as a story, which literally also means that you unarchive Instagram story.

You can also share that as an Instagram direct message.

Can You Unarchive Instagram Post or Story on PC (on The Web)?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide a single feature regarding this. You can’t unarchive Instagram posts or stories from your PC, let alone do it in a mobile browser.

Instagram only allows users to unarchive posts or stories on Instagram on the mobile app, Android, and iPhone app.

Instagram has archive features as well as unarchive features. If you want to get back your archived Instagram posts or stories, you can above methods, which are provided by Instagram itself. No need to use a third-party app to do these. You can unarchive Instagram photos and videos as well as stories easily.

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