How to Unfollow on Facebook: a Profile, Group, or Page

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Facebook by default makes you follow all people you added as friends. Thus you’ll always see their newest posts on your Facebook feeds. Here’s how to unfollow on Facebook to stop seeing some friends’ posts.

Facebook has a feature that allows you to keep friends while stopping their newest posts on your feeds. This makes it convenient because generally, you’d have to unfriend someone to stop seeing their posts.

You are not just able to unfollow someone on Facebook. You can also unfollow Facebook groups and pages, so you can now keep joining the group and keep liking the page while being able to decide whether they can show their newest posts on your feed or not.

How to unfollow someone on Facebook (Android & iPhone)

Unfollowing someone on Facebook can be done on all devices, including Android and iPhone. To do this, simply open the Facebook app. Open the person’s Facebook profile you want to unfollow.

You can do that through any method, including the search.

how to unfollow on facebook

To unfollow, tap the button beside the Message.

facebook profile

Here, you get the options to unfollow, follow them as default, follow them as favorites. To unfollow someone on Facebook, tap the Unfollow button.

unfollow button

How to unfollow a person on

If you use the web browser instead of the mobile app, you can also unfollow someone quickly. Open and search for the person’s Facebook profile you want to unfollow.

searching a facebook profile

Once that person’s profile is opened, tap the Following button.

following button

Click Unfollow to finally unfollow that person.

unfollow someone on facebook

Right now, you won’t see their newest posts on your Facebook feeds while keeping them as your friends.

How to unfollow a group on Facebook (Android & iPhone)

If you have a group you want to keep joining but don’t want to see the posts on your news feed, you can simply unfollow it.

On Android, when you see that group’s post on your news feed, tap the three-dots button.

how to unfollow on facebook

Tap See more.

unfollow a group on facebook

Here, tap Unfollow (the group name) to unfollow. You also have other options, like: snooze the OP (original poster) for 30 days, hide all posts from that OP permanently, or snooze the group for 30 days.

unfollow button

When you have unfollowed the group, you are going to see the Undo button, which is useful if you accidentally clicked the wrong button.


How to unfollow a page on Facebook (Android & iPhone)

Other than group, you can also unfollow a page on Facebook without unliking it. Doing this is easy on the Android & iPhone app.

Open the Facebook page you want to unfollow. Tap the three-dots button at the right side of the message button. Tap Manage Follow Settings.

unfollow a page on facebook

Here, tap News Feed.

customize your news feed

To unfollow this Facebook page, simply tap Off. You’re not going to see the page’s posts on your newsfeed anymore, but still include it on your Liked Pages.

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Unfollow a group on

If you don’t use the mobile app, you can still unfollow a group on the website. Open and click the three-dots button on the post from the group you want to unfollow. Click Unfollow (the group name).

unfollow a group on web

Unfollow a page on also provides an easy way to unfollow a Facebook page. To do this, open the Facebook page you want to unfollow, click the three-dots button, and select Follow Settings.

facebook web follow settings

Here, select Off to finally turn off the page’s posts on your newsfeed.

turn news feed off on web

Is there a way to tell if someone unfollowed you on Facebook?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell who follows or unfollows you on Facebook. Unlike Instagram, Facebook doesn’t let you know who follows you.

But, it’s good to know that you have the freedom to unfollow anyone on Facebook without them knowing, while still keep them as your friends.

Facebook lets you choose who can show their posts on your newsfeed. Now you won’t see specific people’s posts on your newsfeed anymore while keeping them as friends.

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