How to Unhide Rows in Google Sheets on PC & Mobile App

Sometimes you receive a spreadsheet with hidden rows but have no idea how to show them again. Here’s how to unhide rows in Google Sheets quickly.

multi-select rows in google sheets

There’s a time when you receive a Google Sheets spreadsheet containing hidden rows, but you don’t know how to show them. Here’s how to unhide rows in Google Sheets at once and how to hide them again.

Sometimes to make the spreadsheet looks easier to manage and view, you need to hide some rows. Hiding can be done quickly within just a few clicks using your computer and the mobile app, as well as unhiding on both platforms.

This might sound simple, but the process can be more difficult when you have a lot of rows to unhide/hide, especially when you want to do it on the mobile app (Android & iOS). This post will help you do those things easier.

How to hide rows in Google Sheets (web)

Unhiding and hiding can be done using a similar method but reversed. If you already know the method and want to jump to unhide rows, simply skip this.

Simply open a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Click the row number you want to hide. Right-click it until it shows a menu and clicks the Hide row.

how to unhide rows in google sheets

Now, the row is hidden and showing two arrows facing upward and downward. That indicates a row is hidden. If there are more than one hidden, each arrow distances depending on how many are hidden and will be placed exactly at the previous and next rows that are visible.

selecting a row

You can also hide multiple rows at once. Simply select those rows by clicking one and then drag them. The selected ones will be highlighted in dark gray. Right-click at one of them and select Hide rows (row numbers).

hide multiple rows in google sheets

How to unhide rows in Google Sheets (web)

Unhiding rows can be done easily. Assuming the rows from 5 to 8 are hidden, you would see the arrows facing opposite sides on row 4 and 9.

unhide rows in google sheets

These arrows don’t just function as marks to indicate hidden rows, but also function to show the hidden rows. Click one of them to unhide rows in Google Sheets.

unhide a row in google sheets

That’s it. Now the rows are unhidden. There are no more arrows facing upward and downward.

selecting rows in google sheets

You can also unhide multiple rows in Google Sheets. It can be done by dragging to selected rows when you select one row. Once you have selected enough, right-click them and select Unhide rows. The already visible rows you’ve selected will be ignored.

unhide multiple rows in google sheets

Using group feature to easily hide or unhide rows with just a single click

Google Sheets has a feature to group multiple rows so you can do something about them at once, like hiding or unhiding them. This is great as a shortcut to expand or collapse a group of rows.

Select multiple rows by dragging when you select one downward or upward. Right-click them and select Group rows (the row number).

group rows in google sheets

Now, you can simply click the minus sign to collapse or hide the rows.

hide rows using the group feature in google sheets

And click the plus sign to show them.

rows are hidden

To remove the group (which doesn’t remove the rows), you can right-click it and select Remove group.

remove group in google sheets

How to unhide rows that use a filter

Some users prefer to use a filter to make it easy to sort the rows in Google Sheets. But that might hide some rows you want to see.

To see all of those rows and unhide them, select Data and click Turn off filter. This would remove the filter other have turned on and thus unhide all rows that have been hidden.

remove filter in google sheets

How to hide and unhide rows in Google Sheets mobile app (Android and iPhone)

You can view hidden rows or hide them in Google Sheets mobile app as easily as on the PC browser. Open the Google Sheets app. Select the spreadsheet you want to open.

Download Google Sheets on Play Store

Download Google Sheets on App Store

Now, click the row number to select. If you need to select multiple rows, click one of the blue circle buttons located at the center between the row you select.

Either click the top and drag upward or click the bottom and drag downward to select multiple rows.

unhide rows in google sheets mobile app

Once you drag the circle button, drop it to stop selecting.

selecting multiple rows in google sheets android iphone

Click one of the row numbers and hold it until it shows a context menu. Click the vertical three dots button to show more menu.

context menu in google sheets android

Click Hide rows to hide the rows you’ve selected.

hide rows in google sheets mobile app

Just like you did on the PC browser, the hidden rows show the arrows facing upward and downward, indicating hidden rows between those two visible rows.

rows are now hidden in google sheets app

But unlike on the PC browser, you can’t tap the arrow to show hidden rows. Instead, you can select the visible rows that have the arrow icons. To select multiple rows, drag the blue circle icon at the center.

selecting a row in google sheets app

Then, tap-long the row number until a menu pops out. Tap the vertical three dots button.

showing context menu

Tap Unhide rows to show the hidden rows again. You can also hide those two visible rows by tapping Hide rows.

unhide rows in google sheets

That’s it. Now the hidden rows are shown again.

rows are unhidden and show

You can hide and unhide rows easily in Google Sheets on a PC browser or on the mobile app, which you can use on Android and iPhone. This makes it easy to manage a spreadsheet that has rows you don’t want to see or seem to be very distracting to be visible.

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