How to Uninstall Android Launcher (ANY LAUNCHER)

If you’re not happy with your launcher app, even if it is a good one, you can either uninstall it or just switch to another launcher (to your default launcher).

clear data of android launcher

Android has many advanced features, and that allows you to install and use third-party Android launcher that can customize your Android home screen, widget page, and app drawer to the next level. It can make your Android phone more colorful, modern, and has more features that your default launcher would offer. But, that doesn’t make all users happy. Some users just want to stop using it anymore. If you’re one of those, just uninstall that launcher.

If you’re not happy with your launcher app, even if it is Microsoft Launcher, you can either uninstall it or just switch to another launcher (or, to your System/default launcher).

But, uninstalling Android launcher isn’t easy for most users, especially the one that aren’t tech-savvy. You may find it hard just to uninstall that app, for instance, uninstall Nova Launcher, and you have no idea how to do it the right way and safe way. Some old Android smartphone are just vulnerable to get stuck while uninstalling launcher app.

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How to Backup Android Launcher Before Uninstall It

Now, this is obvious. Unless you want to lose all of your app data (because we’re going to delete it later), you have to backup that Android launcher data first. Backing up is important, just like backing up your personal files in Android, will give you a sense of relief because you probably would want to use the launcher app again at some point later on.

This is where it gets more complicated. All Android launcher have different backup methods. In this tutorial, we’re going to cover specifically on uninstall Microsoft Launcher while backing the data first.

To backup Android launcher, just open the setting app of your Android launcher. You can do so by tap and hold your home screen for a second, then choose Launcher Settings.

how to uninstall android launcher

Find backup and restore option. You will most likely find it at the bottom. Tap it.

how to backup android launcher before uninstall it

Backing up your launcher easy. You’ll find options that lets you backup all the data.

How to Uninstall Android Launcher by Deleting Its Data First

Second thing you have to do before uninstalling an Android launcher is deleting the data of the app first.

Open Settings app of your Android device. Then tap Manage apps. Search your launcher app name. Tap it.

opening setting to uninstall launcher

Now, you’ll see the detailed information of your launcher app. You can clear data by tapping Clear data at the right before uninstall it.

Tap Clear all data.

clear data of android launcher

That is how you delete your Android launcher app data. Now let’s get through the next step on how to uninstall Android launcher.

Uninstall Launcher by Switching to Another Launcher First

Meanwhile you uninstall your Android launcher app, you have to switch to another launcher first. This will make sure you uninstall the app safely without any stuck or error message.

To do this, open Settings. Tap Home screen and recent.

uninstall android launcher

On Default launcher, you will see the name of the app you have. Just tap it to switch.

choosing android launcher

Choose System launcher to set it as default launcher. This will make it safe for you to uninstall.

android launcher chosen

How to Uninstall Android Launcher Directly from Home Screen

Now, you can choose any method to uninstall your Android launcher. It is safe to do.

Just drag and drop your launcher icon on your home screen, drop it to the trash icon. Then tap Uninstall.

directly android launcher

How to Uninstall Launcher from Settings

You can choose to uninstall Android launcher in another different way. This lets you to choose more options, like clearing app data or temporarily disabling the app.

To do this, open Settings of your device.

Go to Manage apps.

how to uninstall launcher

Search your launcher app, and then tap it.

Then, choose Uninstall. Tap OK.

how to uninstall android launcher

That is how you uninstall Android launcher.

Uninstall Any Android Launcher from Play Store

Alright. You can also choose to remove Android launcher from Play Store.

Just search the app name.

Tap the app. Choose Uninstall.

uninstall android launcher from launcher

Now you’ve learned how to uninstall Android launcher easily. If you encounter a problem doing this, let me know in the comment below.

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