How to Uninstall Eclipse on Windows 10 Completely

Eclipse, the popular IDE used in programming has its own method to uninstall. Here’s how to uninstall Eclipse on Windows 10 completely.

how to uninstall eclipse on windows 10

Eclipse is a popular IDE used to develop Java applications. The IDE can be installed on Windows 10 easily, but some find it difficult to uninstall or remove. Here’s how to uninstall Eclipse on Windows 10.

One thing that confuses people when trying to get rid of Eclipse is the fact that it doesn’t have an official uninstaller. You wouldn’t see Eclipse in the Programs and Features, making it confusing to completely install.

The good thing is, Eclipse doesn’t write in the registry. All it takes to completely remove Eclipse on Windows 10 is by deleting the folders and files related to the Eclipse.

How to uninstall Eclipse on Windows 10 completely

The simplest method to uninstall Eclipse is by deleting the folders and files of the IDE. Then, delete its desktop (at C:\users\username\desktop) and Start menu shortcuts (at C:\users\username\Start Menu\Programs\Eclipse).

Then, delete the .p2 folder located in your personal user folder (C:\users\username). This is a temporary folder created by Eclipse to store temporary files. Delete this if you don’t need to use Eclipse in the future.

How to remove the leftover registry entries

Eclipse itself is known to never make or write anything in the registry. However, some users experience that in fact, it did leave something in the registry.

If you are concerned about the leftover registry entries created by Eclipse, you can use CCleaner to clean your registry from leftover stuff installed then uninstalled in your computer.

Download CCleaner

Eclipse is known to have no official or automatic uninstalled. Deleting the leftover files should be done manually. In case of registry leftover, you can clean them using software like CCleaner.

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