How to Uninstall Nova Launcher Safely from Android

Some users reported that they could not uninstall Nova Launcher. If you experience the same, you might have done it the wrong way.

how to uninstall nova launcher safely from android

If you have installed Nova Launcher and for some reason, you don’t like it, you can uninstall it directly.

However, some users have experienced problems in the past when uninstalling the app, such as a message saying that the app is a device manager app and has to be stopped before uninstalling it, or a disabled uninstall button.

Especially if you have just set Nova Launcher as your default launcher, you may have difficulty uninstalling it. In order to avoid any problems when uninstalling this app, it is important to do it correctly.

This is often an issue on older phones with older versions of Android that have never been updated. Regardless, the process of removing it is similar.

How to uninstall Nova Launcher

Before uninstalling Nova Launcher, you would have to disable the launcher. To do so, enable another launcher, or your default launcher. Additionally, you can back up the data before uninstalling it. After that, you can uninstall Nova Launcher safely from the Settings.

This post will provide you with a detailed step-by-step.

Back up the data first

Uninstalling or removing something from your Android phone may lose some data, including Nova Launcher. You have to back up the data before uninstalling Nova Launcher, especially if you want to go back again and use it.

To do this, you can open Nova Launcher Settings. Then tap Backup & import settings. This is where you can maximize your Nova Launcher experience. The Settings app is amazing and has fully advanced options you can change.

before uninstall nova launcher, you have to back up the data first

Uninstalling Nova Launcher isn’t simple, you have to back up the data and then do some changes. Backing up data is easy, just tap Backup. Then, you will see the date of the backup, you can change Device Storage to something else. It is where you want to save the backup file of Nova Launcher. Tap OK if you’re done with it.

backing up nova launcher data is easy

You can either choose Device Storage, Document Storage, and Share. You can then allow Nova Launcher to access photos, media, and files on your device to allow it to save the backup file.

to back up data of nova launcher before uninstall it, you have to allow permission

If you see a message “Backup created”, then you’re done. That is how you backup Nova Launcher data before uninstalling it.

nova launcher backup has done, now you can uninstall it

After backing up the data, now you have to set System launcher as default to avoid some problems (if you use the old phone) while uninstalling Nova Launcher.

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Then, set the system launcher as the default launcher

Setting another launcher as default is easy. Just open the Settings app. Tap Hom screen & Recents. Then there’s an option that lets you choose to set your default launcher.

how to uninstall nova launcher from android

Now, you have to choose another launcher that you still want to use. For instance, the System launcher. This will make Play Store fine to uninstall Nova Launcher from your Android phone.

setting up default launcher

Uninstall Nova Launcher directly

This way is direct. You don’t have to open the Settings app only to uninstall an app, including Nova Launcher.

Drag and drop the Nova Launcher app, and drop it into the trash icon. Then, tap Uninstall.

directly uninstall nova launcher

Uninstall Nova Launcher by deleting its data first

This method is a little bit hard because you have some work to do.

Just open the Settings app.

Tap Manage apps. Then search nova launcher.

Once the Settings app shows you Nova Launcher, tap on it and it will show the whole detail about this launcher app. To clear data, just tap Clear Data.

clearing data of nova launcher first

Then, tap an option depending on what you want to do with the app. Either clear all data or just clear cache. But, if your goal is to uninstall Nova Launcher, then tap Clear all data.

clear data

Then, tap Uninstall. Tap OK once there’s a message pop out.

uninstall now

Uninstall Nova Launcher through Play Store

There’s another way to uninstall the app, and that is by opening the Nova Launcher page in Nova Launcher.

Then tap Uninstall. Tap OK to confirm.

uninstall nova from play store

Going back to using Nova Launcher after removing it

If you uninstall Nova Launcher, you can go back anytime you want. If you use Nova Launcher again, you may lose some data if you didn’t back up Nova data in the first place. That’s why backing it up first before uninstalling it is important. Nova itself provides a simple way for you can do to backup, as we mentioned earlier.

If you don’t like Nova Launcher to customize your launcher experience on Android, you may another alternative. The best alternative we have that competes with Nova Launcher is Microsoft Launcher. It has many advanced features and is free, just like Nova.

There are many ways you can do to uninstall Nova Launcher. But doing that, you should be careful with what you do. Especially if you use an old Android phone with an old Android version. If you’ve feedback, leave it in the comment below.

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