How to Update Microsoft Office Apps on Windows 10

downloading office updates

Microsoft Office apps are always getting regular updates to improve the Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other Office apps’ features, fix bugs and improve security. But, if you’re new into Microsoft Office, you might not know the exact method on how to update Microsoft Office apps.

Updating the Microsoft Office apps can be done in two methods. You can do both on all Microsoft Office apps, like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and others on Windows 10 and similar methods on the Mac.

How to Update Microsoft Office Apps Automatically

Microsoft Office allows you to update their apps automatically so you don’t need to remind yourself every time you want to update. Updating Office apps manually requires more extra effort.

To turn on automatic updates, simply open one of the Office apps, like Excel. Click the File tab.

how to update microsoft office

Click Account.

microsoft office excel account

Now, turn on the automatic update feature by clicking Update Options. Choose Enbale updates.

enable updates office updates

Your Microsoft Office apps now will update automatically in the background. This applies to all Office apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

How to Manually Update Microsoft Office Apps

You can manually check for updates and update manually, simply go to the File tab. Click Account. Then choose Update Options, and click Update Now.

update now

Microsoft Office is now checking for updates. You can wait for the whole process for minutes.

checking for updates

The second phase is that Microsoft Office will download the updates. You can keep using Office while it downloads the updates in the background.

downloading office updates

Once the updates are available, click Yes.

office updates are available

If you’re using Office but the update window warns you to close the apps, just close the apps by clicking Continue.

save your work before continuing

Once the update installation is done, just click Close.

updates were installed

Updating the Microsoft Office apps can takes minutes to an hour or even more, depending on your internet connection speed. But the steps to update them are easy to do and you can customize your update process either automatically or manually.

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