4 Ways on How to Upload on Instagram from PC

instagram pc

Instagram is really destined for mobile. If you really think about it, Instagram hasn’t started to show ads on the web, Instagram PC. That’s why, you can’t do much there, including upload picture or video. Here’s how to upload on Instagram from PC.

But the fact that Instagram is well-functioned only on mobile app (Android and iPhone), that doesn’t mean you’ve to always use the mobile app. It’s a hell for people who work at the computer, they can’t really open up their phone screen to open Instagram app.

If you work regularly in front of computer, you can still send DM on Instagram PC and do other things. But, the main thing like posting (uploading pictures and videos), are limited on PC/web.

Now, you might be wondering, how do I upload to instagram from PC?

Well, there’s really nothing to worry about that. You can use one of these below methods to upload photos or videos to Instagram on PC.

Here’s the list of tricks you can do to post something on Instagram PC.

How to Upload on Instagram from PC using Chrome Extensions

The first method we have is by using Chrome extension. There are many best Chrome extensions out there waiting for you to install them, but only few of them works specifically for accessing Instagram on the PC, especially the uploading part.

Instagram doesn’t really provide its own Chrome extension. However, you can still use third-party extension, which the one I recommend is called Extension for Instagram.

The extension work by changing the user agent at your browser. It has 4 star-rating, with more than 90K users worldwide. You can download it for free on Chrome in Windows 10 and Mac.

Download Extension for Instagram at Chrome Web Store

Once you visit the page from the link above, click Add to Chrome to install it. So you can post on Instagram PC very easily.

how to upload on instagram from pc

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Now, a pop-up will show. Click Add extension to install the Chrome extension that lets you upload pictures and videos from Instagram PC.

how to post on instagram pc

Chrome will then show you a message that the extension has been added to Chrome.

how to upload photos on instagram on pc

Now, you can post on Instagram PC very easily with the extension. To do that, just open Instagram website.

Login with your account. A plus button at the bottom of your screen will show, click it.

upload instagram photos online

Choose pictures or videos you want to upload to Instagram PC. Click Open.

browse for photos to upload on instagram

If you use Instagram PC to upload pictures, you will see a cropping feature here. Click Next.

instagram web

Now, write caption, add location, and more just like you upload picture on Instagram mobile app. Once done, click Share.

upload using instagram pc

That’s it. Now you’ve posted something on Instagram PC.

How about the other methods?

How to Post on Instagram PC using User Agent Switcher

The previous extension works by changing user agent, which is kind of browser feature that control how the website looks depending on device the website provides.

Now, you can use a user-agent switcher extension. This will not only allow you to post picture or video on Instagram PC, but also access any website on PC in mobile version.

Download User-Agent Switcher at Chrome Web Store

Go to the link above. Now, install the extension.

using agent switcher to access instagram pc version instead of mobile

Once it has been installed, click the extension icon at the extension bar. Choose any mobile version you want to show Instagram as. For example, choose Android, Android KitKat.

switch to instagram android browser version

Instagram page will then reload automatically showing you the mobile browser version to let you upload picture or videos on Instagram PC.

To upload something, click the plus button at the bottom.

upload instagram from pc

Choose the picture or video you want to upload on Instagram PC.

selecting file to upload on instagram

Now, click Next.

instagram upload process

Insert caption. You can also add space in Instagram post here. Click Share.

insert caption

Instagram will keep showing the mobile version as long as the user agent switched to the mobile version. To go back to normal desktop version, just click ChromeDefault.

here's how to switch back to normal chrome in user agent switcher

How to Upload Picture/Video on Instagram PC using Browser without Extensions

You can also post on Instagram PC without any extension. This works by using Google Chrome’s user agent switcher. It is located at the developer tools.

You can access that by right-clicking and then clicking Inspect.

upload on instagram pc by using inspect element chrome

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Instagram by default show as desktop browser version. Change that by clicking the phone icon Toggle device toolbar so you can upload videos or pictures on Instagram PC.

select mobile responsive design

Reload the website.

reload website on chrome pc

Now, just click the plus button just like you post something on Instagram mobile app.

instagram pc

Select the file you want to upload. Then click Open.

selecting file to upload

Instagram will then allow you to crop the picture, if you post picture on Instagram PC.

cropping pictures to upload them to instagram

Now, let’s add great caption and then click Share.

caption for instagram pc

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How to Post on Instagram PC using Windows 10 App

Instagram provide its official app for Windows 10. However, the app isn’t yet to be working well but if you have the older version of the app, you can still post on Instagram PC using this app.

Open Microsoft Store to download Instagram app if you don’t have it yet.

upload on instagram pc using windows 10 app

Search for Instagram.

download instagram app on windows 10

Now, click Install or Get it.

download start

Once the download is done, click Launch.

open instagram app

Instagram now show login form. Login with your account. Then post picture or video on the app easily.

login to instagram

How to Upload on Instagram PC using Android Emulator (BlueStacks)

If you use Windows 7 and want to upload on Instagram PC the most difficult way, you can use BlueStacks.

I don’t really mean “difficult” if your PC or laptop specification is high-end enough that installing BlueStacks is not a big deal. For average users, however, installing BlueStacks takes a hell lot of patience because of the low performance.

You can download BlueStacks here. Then follow the instruction that lead you to posting on Instagram PC.

Instagram as we know it limit features on the web/PC. This means you’ve to do something extra to use all the features on PC, including post picture or video. Using above methods, uploading picture, video, or anything else on Instagram PC is not a big deal anymore.

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