Here’s How to Use Cortana in Android

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Cortana is one of the well-known virtual assistant created by Microsoft mainly for Windows 10. Now, you can use Cortana in Android for free and you can link Cortana in Android to your Windows 10 PC with your Microsoft account. Here’s how.

Cortana in Android has almost the same features just like Cortana in Windows 10. You can create reminder, ask Cortana to read email, create appointments, do web search, ask for weather information, and more. Cortana can literally be your personal assistant, just like Google Now or Siri.

The best thing about Cortana is that you can get Cortana for Android right away from Play Store. This is amazing for Android users who also uses Windows 10. You can now sync everything in Android and Windows 10 at the same time.

On how to use Cortana in Android, there’s two way: you can use Cortana app you can download from Play Store, or you can use Microsoft Launcher app with Cortana feature in it.

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How to Use Cortana in Android: Cortana App from Play Store

You can download Cortana for free through Play Store, and install Cortana in Android easily.

Download Cortana in Android

If you encounter a message that says Cortana is incompatible with your device, or that Cortana isn’t available in your country, that doesn’t mean you can’t install Cortana in Android. You may need to manually download and install Cortana APK file from the link below.

Download Cortana APK

If this is your first time you download APK and you aren’t sure about exact ways you have to download Cortana APK file from the site above or the steps to manually install Cortana in Android, you can follow our guide.

First, scroll down to All version section. You will have to choose the latest Cortana version. The latest Cortana version is at the very top.

how to use cortana in android

Now, you’ll have to click APK link in the Download section. To download the APK, tap DOWNLOAD APK.

downloading cortana apk from outside playstore because the app is incompatible

Once you download the APK, wait and open the APK right away after you download. To proceed installation, tap Install.

installing cortana in android

Now, Cortana is being installed. Once done, tap Open to open Cortana in Android.

installing cortana android until finish

Cortana will then ask your permission to access your location for the weather feature. Tap Agree at the Terms & Privacy.

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letting permission for cortana android

Now, Cortana will ask whether you want to enable Cortana in your Android home screen or not. In Xiaomi, you have to manually enable Allow display over other apps permission.

cortana permission on android

Now, Cortana has been installed, and you can start using Cortana in your Android phone. You can ask Cortana almost anything you want. Including the weather forecast for tomorrow.

how to use cortana in android

Cortana also run on home screen. You can tap the Cortana button right away. You can ask anything, too, from home screen. You can also play your music right away at the home screen.

using cortana in android in home screen

Cortana in Android offers almost the same feature in Windows 10. You can setup your smart thermostat, Surface headphones, or any other smart device. You can also read email, create appointment, and manage settings.

cortana has three tabs on android

The settings section are almost the same as Cortana in Windows 10. You can change your place, adding another family account, change phone settings, and manage account linked to Cortana.

cortana personal on android

Using Microsoft Launcher’s Cortana in Android

If you want to know another way you can use Cortana in Android, you can use Microsoft launcher. This launcher app has cool features that make it one of the best Android launcher. One of its feature is Cortana that is mounted at the page that you can swipe left to access it.

Download Microsoft Launcher

To use Cortana in Android using Microsoft launcher, you have to set it up first.

To do that, tap-long your Microsoft launcher home screen and then tap Launcher settings.

cortana in microsoft launcher

Now, you’ll just need to tap Cortana. Then, you can enable Listen for “Hey Cortana”.

how to use cortana in microsoft launcher

Now, to activate Cortana in Android using Microsoft launcher, just tap Got It.

cortana in android activated

Cortana will then now listening to your voice whenever you say hey, Cortana!. Tap Cortana Preferences to change the region, language, and more. Make sure you enable Use Cortana for voice input and search to actually enable Cortana in search.

cortana setting in microsoft launcher android

Now, you’ll have to tap Edit this view at the widget page in Microsoft Launcher. Then, check Cortana to show Cortana box in the widget page.

cortana microsoft launcher android

That’s it. Now you’re ready to use Cortana in Android. To ask something, just press the blue button and then tell Cortana something you want it to do.

cortana ask me how i can help you today

As additional feature, you can also enable Cortana in Android home screen using its widget. By tapping Add widget, and then choosing Cortana.

cortana how to use it

How to use Cortana in Android using Microsoft launcher: start pressing the shortcut icon and then tell something.

cortana testing in android

For instance, you can open an app using Microsoft launcher’s Cortana in Android. It opened the YouTube app on my smartphone.

open app in android using cortana

You can also tell Cortana to create appointment or to-do list in Android.

cortana web search in android

Cortana in Android has almost the exact feature as Cortana in Windows 10. You can use Cortana in Android the way you use it on your PC, and sync everything between them. You can sync documents, Excel for instance, and open the documents both on your Windows 10 PC and Android phone using Excel app.

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