How To Use Facebook Code Generator If You Get Locked Out

Are you locked out and don’t find the code generator? Here’s how to find the Facebook code generator on iPhone/Android.

successfully sign in with code generator on facebook

Facebook provides this security feature called two-factor authentication. It works by requiring you to enter the 6-digit code you receive on a third-party 2FA app or Facebook’s code generator. Here’s how to use Facebook code generator on Android or iPhone.

Many people aren’t tech-savvy and might be unaware of the 2FA feature, or might have unknowingly turned on the 2FA feature that they get locked out of their Facebook account. Or, you might just don’t know where the Facebook code generator is.

Even if you don’t turn on two-factor authentication, any time you sign in to a new device/browser, Facebook will probably ask you for the 6-digit code from Facebook’s own code generator you can find on the Android/iPhone app of Facebook.

When you open the Facebook app on your phone, you don’t find the code generator. Don’t worry, that feature was probably moved by Facebook to a different location on the mobile app. Here’s how to find or access the code generator.

How to use Facebook code generator on Android/iPhone

When you try to sign in to a new browser or device, normally, you would see this: “Two-factor authentication required. You’ve asked us to require a 6-digit login code when anyone tries to access your account from a new device or browser.”

facebook code generator two factor authentication required facebook login stuck

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Now, open the Facebook app on Android/iPhone, and select the hamburger button. Normally, you should see the code generator button below the Settings & Privacy option. If you don’t see that, select Settings. Select Password and Security.

facebook app android ios code generator

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Select Code generator. Select Activate.

activating code generator

Here, you will see the 6-digit login code. Enter that code in the text box on your PC browser where it asks for the code.

code generator showing code

If you successfully sign in, you will see the remember browser option. Select Save browser to easily sign in to Facebook. You can do the same by saving your password on Chrome.

successfully sign in with code generator on facebook

If you still don’t see code generator, try updating the Facebook app

Your Facebook app might be out-of-date. Try updating the app through Play Store or App Store. You should now see the code generator using previous methods.

Turn off the 2FA to stop entering code every time you want to sign in

If you are tired of entering the 6-digit code from the Facebook code generator, you can turn it off.

If you unknowingly turned on 2FA, you might get asked about the 6-digit code. Fortunately, there’s a way to find the code generator to finally sign in to a new browser or device.

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