How to Use LINE, Japanese Messaging App (Updated 2021)

line app how to add new friends

LINE is a Japanese messaging app that is popular among teens and young adults. It provides unique ways to connect people, tell stories, and find a new friends. LINE app has become a thing in some Asian countries, and if you’re interested to know more, read on how to use it here.

LINE has different demographic than WhatsApp. Both uses your phone number to register and login. But LINE has more features than makes it a little bit harder to use than other messaging apps. For first-timer, you will probably get confused on how to use it, which is why we made this tutorial.

How to Download and Setup LINE Chat App

how to download and get line chat app

To get and download LINE app, you have to install it on Play Store. Click here to directly open the app. Tap Install and then tap Open once the download is done.

how to set up line chat app

After you open the app, you will have to either register or login with your LINE account. Your LINE account is tied with your phone number, and you will receive a verification message to your phone number through SMS.

Choose the country you live in. Fill the phone number form. Tap green Next button.

confirm auto add friend on line chat app

Once you fill the phone number, LINE app will automatically verify it by reading your SMS message. Here, you either choose to auto-add friends or allow others to add me as your main privacy settings. You can choose both. Or choose none at all.

setting up line chat app

LINE will sync your account data, and adding friends based on the contacts you have (if you enabled it). If you have been using LINE and want to get back, you have option to restore messages and other things you missed.

LINE Chat App Features, and How to Use Them

line chat app tabs

LINE has has five tabs that lets you manage your friends (contact), chats, timeline, LINE Today (the news), and manage Settings. The timeline is just regular social media timeline, but with addition of story feature like Instagram. In timeline, you can see your friends’ feeds and some official LINE pages.

timeline and settings on line

In LINE Today, you can read the news that seem to be targeted for teenagers. Most are celebrity news, some are politics, others are just random things. In More, you can manage your profile, your account, your settings, your stickers, themes, and LINE points.

How to Add Your First Friends on LINE

Adding your first friends manually on LINE is easy. Just tap Add button on Friends tab. Here, you can add friends by many different ways, either invite them, using QR code, shaking your phone, search by id, and more. You can also quickly change your settings here.

line app how to add new friends

How to Chat Your Friends through LINE

Chatting your friends through LINE is easy. Just tap a friend account and then tap Chat to text-message them. You can use free call and video call feature. Here, you can also see their timeline quickly, and see their photos and videos.

how to chat your friend on line app

The chats then will be managed here. All of your chats. Either it is a group or individual.

how to chat on line

How to Join Open Chat in LINE, Chat with Random People in Your Country

LINE also has Open Chat feature. It’s a feature that lets you connect with random people in your country. Your privacy will be safe here, because you will have to use fake names, and others can not add you as friend through open chat.

line app join open chat

You can try it out yourself. You will see no options to add others as friend through open chat. But you can see the whole chat member and notes, sharing your social media account or something like that.

open chat member on line chat app

Using LINE app, the Japanese chat app, is actually easy. LINE has great features to connect with friends and family, with teenagers as their most active users — unlike using MiChat.

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