How to Use MiChat Dating App

how to use michat app

Being lonely in the 21st century doesn’t feel good. Based on many studies, being a lonely person is also dangerous for your health. In this decade, we have the advantage to find new friends online and meet up with them offline. One of the ways is using MiChat to find new friends. If you don’t know how to use it, read on.

Using MiChat is easy. Like absolutely easy. But we think MiChat features are good because they can connect people to another nearby. You can even see the range from you to that person. Depending on where you live, using MiChat to find new friends is a good idea.

How to Get MiChat and How to Set It Up with Phone Number

To get the MiChat app, you have to download and install it through Play Store. Click here to download.

Install, then open the app.

how to use michat app

The thing that turns off people is that you have to use a phone number to sign up and log in to MiChat. Using MiChat require contact access, too. But you can ignore the message, though.

michat app login by phone number

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How to Find Nearby People using MiChat

Let’s find nearby people using MiChat. But first, we see all tabs in MiChat. Go to Friends tab and you can see People Nearby button to see who is using MiChat in your city and region. You can also see Trending Chats, those are group chats that already made by MiChat. You can use Message Tree to send and receive a message in a bottle. Or scan QR code.

michat app home

In Moments tab, there’s certainly a timeline of the people you’ve added before. MiChat will often show you messages about someone who wants to add you as their friends. You can tap Skip or accept their request.

michat timeline and contact

Let’s try to add people nearby. Tap People Nearby in the Friends tab. You will see people nearby with the range, their bio, profile pictures, and gender. Tap to add one as your friends.

find nearby person using michat

You can tap Say Hi to message them. Tap Send to send them your messages. This feature is amazing to start any conversation with your people nearby.

how to talk to someone in michat app

How to Find Group Chats in MiChat

MiChat also provides group chats that have random people in it. Just tap Trending Chats, tap any chat group you want to join in.

how to join group chat in michat

Try to talk to them, send them a voice message, emoji, or even your location.

michat app chat in group

MiChat lacks feature and the interface is so simple. Learning how to use it is an easy thing you can do. You can send emoji, location, and voice messages. But I think it’s enough for this kind of meet-new-people app.

chatting feature in michat app

In this random chat group, you can find the group info and see the members. You can even tap and add them as your friends.

group member michat app

How to Use Message Tree and How to Receive Bottle in MiChat

MiChat also provides message tree feature. It’s a feature to send and receive a bottle. The bottle has a message you write or other people wrote to be sent to everyone else who read it.

throw bottle michat

So, in this article, I’m trying to receive a bottle. I got the bottle. I typed a reply to the person.

receive bottle in michat

To request a friend confirmation, you have to tell them who you are. Don’t creep them out by saying something inappropriate.

michat see messages

How to Change MiChat Settings

MiChat settings have fairly enough options. You can change notifications, chats, general options, account and security, and more.

mi chat setting

But MiChat is so simple that it only has these options inside each setting. You can turn off speaker, clear chat history, clear storage, change your MiChat ID, and change your phone number.

michat setting feature

Now you’ve known how to get, use, and get friends using MiChat app, you may want to download and install it right away in your smartphone. Having new friends can be amazing for your life, and the best thing about today is that you can find new friends online. The only thing to keep in mind is to keep being careful because not all people on the internet, is good people.

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