How to Use Microsoft Launcher and Customize It Completely in Android

Not all users are tech savvy and know how to use Microsoft Launcher. If you don't know how, then you can read on. From just using to get the most out of it.

How to Use Microsoft Launcher and Customize It Completely in Android

If you use and love Microsoft Launcher, chances are you want to customize it.Microsoft Launcher has become one of the best Android launcher out there, competing with Nova launcher and Apex launcher.It has 4.6 star-rating, with 1 millions of reviews.

This proves that Microsoft Launcher has provided the best of launcher they can make. But, not all users are tech savvy and know everything about using Microsoft Launcher.If you don't know how to use Microsoft Launcher, then you can read on and learn how to do that.From learning to use the basic feature to customizing it and get the most out of Microsoft Launcher.

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How to Activate and Use Daily Bing Wallpaper in Microsoft Launcher

Activating Bing Daily Wallpaper is easy.

The feature works automatically by downloading the new wallpaper that Bing provides.You can change this or activate this feature in Microsoft Launcher Setting app. Tap the Launcher Settings.Tap Wallpaper.

Tap Select wallpaper. how to change wallpaper in microsoft launcher This ways you can use Daily Bing Wallpaper.You can set how Daily Bing Wallpaper gets the wallpaper, download from data or Wi-Fi, apply to Home screen only or Lock Screen.Once done, tap Apply slideshow. daily bing wallpaper microsoft launcher Now, let's take a look at what you've changed.

The wallpaper has been changed.But the App Drawer doesn't look that good.Let's change and customize App Drawer so you can use Microsoft Launcher conveniently. microsoft launcher home screen and app drawer

How to Change Appearance of App Drawer in Microsoft Launcher

To change the appearance of App Drawer, just tap Launcher Settings again.

Then tap App Drawer and you can choose what it is you want to change. microsoft launcher change app drawer style You change display layout and set whether you want to use Vertical grid, Horizontal grid, or Alphabetical list.You can also choose whether you want to copy apps or move apps when you want to use Folder in Microsoft Launcher. microsoft launcher change the icon appearance You can also change the appearance of app drawer icons.From here you can set whether the icon match home screen or not, changing the columns and rows manually, changing the icon size, and more. customize icon in microsoft launcher Now, let's take a look at what you've changed about App Drawer in Microsoft Launcher.

The App Drawer still doesn't look good because the theme doesn't match.To change theme, tap Launcher Settings and choose Themes.Therefor you can set and use dark theme or any kind of theme to make your App Drawer and the entire Microsoft Launcher pages look greater. how to change widget appearance in microsoft launcher For an instance, I use dark theme.

You can also set your own accent color.So, this is the result of what I've changed.Microsoft Launcher App Drawer now looks great. how to use microsoft launcher dark theme

How to Use Widget Pages in Microsoft Launcher

To use widget pages in Microsoft Launcher, you just need to know a thing: Microsoft Launcher has three pages of it and each page shows different thing.

The Glance is the widget page, the News is the news, and the Timeline is the list of files and documents you've synced through OneDrive from your PC that sync with your Microsoft account in this launcher app. In the Glance, you will see bunches of cards that makes you more productive.Including screen time. Screen time shows how much time you spent on your phone. You can view more of this card by tapping More.There is it the detail of how much time you spent.

You can tap Pin widget to pin this widget in your home screen. how to add widget in microsoft launcher Like this. widget added Or, you can even pin screen time card to a new page beside Home screen.This is amazing because you just don't have to manually tapping More only to view the detail.Tap Pin to a new page. how to use screen time feature in microsoft launcher To add a widget in Microsoft Launcher, just tap Edit this view then choose Add widget.

Choose any widget you want to put by tapping on it one time.

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how to pin screen time in microsoft launcher page In this Glance page, you can also send photos directly to your PC if you use Windows 10 that sync with OneDrive.This is amazing for someone who work across platform. how to send files in microsoft launcher

How to Use Search Feature in Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher also provide you a good search feature.It works just like the Start menu in Windows 10.

Tap the search bar, type something, and therefor you will see the result from anywhere from System settings to your Contact. how to use search feature in microsoft launcher

How to Use Camera Feature to Identify a Picture in Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher also provide you an intelligent camera feature to identify what it is in the picture.Or to find the duplicate of it. Tap the camera icon inside the search bar.Tap I agree.

Then scan a picture. how to use image identifier in microsoft launcher

How to Activate and Use Cortana in Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher also offers you Cortana for free through this app.Amazingly, it works almost the same as its Windows 10 version.With the same voice and function. But before knowing how to use Cortana, you probably need to know how to use the search feature that can be used by your voice. Tap the microphone button beside the camera icon.

Tap Allow.Then speak to search something. how to use microsoft launcher cortana But, this is not Cortana.You have to activate the feature first. But, how do you active and use the feature in Microsoft Launcher? To use this feature, you have to add the card by tapping Edit this view.

Choose Cortana. Done it? Now tap the Launcher Settings.Tap Cortana.Then set any preferences as you want.

For your privacy.Make sure you enable Use Cortana for voice input and search. how to change cortana in microsoft launcher Now, let's get to the real thing. To use Cortana in Microsoft Launcher, tap the microphone button below What can you do for me?. Tap Agree and then say something. how to activate and use cortana in microsoft launcher For instances, I say open 9gag.Then, it will automatically open 9GAG app that I've been installed on my phone. use cortana to open app in microsoft launcher

How to Change Dock Appearance in Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher also offer dock appearance that looks good.

You can either hide the dock, make it able to swipe and show something below it, or change what's below it.You can also set the column and set the icon size, or match the icon size to home screen icon size. icon change

How to Change Home Screen Look, Icon, and Notification Badge in Microsoft Launcher

To change the home screen look, tap Home screen in Launcher Setting app.Tap any area of home screen you want to change.

You can change icon layout and size completely, the font size, columns, rows, and icon size. how to change icon size You can also change the icon appearance.Also the folder appearance to different shape.You can also use the best icon pack for Microsoft Launcher if you want. how to use icon pack in microsoft launcher The notification badges is also important.

It tells how the notification on the corner of app's icon.You set what apps that are allowed to show this, the badge style, and more. how to change icon

How to Change Gestures in Microsoft Launcher

To change gestures in Microsoft Launcher then just tap Gestures in Launcher Settings.Tap any kind of gestures, and then set what function that will work with that gesture. how to change gesture in microsoft launcher Setting this allows you to use Microsoft Launcher in a way that is more productive.

How to Change Search Engine in Microsoft Launcher from Bing to Google

Using Microsoft Launcher won't feel good if it uses Bing search.

Not all people want to use Bing search. Don't worry, you can change that to Google. To change the search engine in Microsoft Launcher, just tap Search in Launcher Settings and then tap Search preferences.Tap Google as your default search engine.Or, you can choose another one. how to change search engine in microsoft launcher Amazingly, Microsoft Launcher doesn't just offer you feature that allows you to change the search engine, but also the appearance.

Like this.You can change the bar style. how to use microsoft launcher search bar dock

How to Back Up Your Microsoft Launcher Data

You can backup all of your data in Microsoft Launcher.This backup feature is really important because no one knows what will happen to your phone. To whatever worst case scenario that might happen, backing up data is always important. To do that in Microsoft Launcher, tap Back up and restore in Launcher Settings app.

Tap Back up Microsoft Launcher then tap Back up. how to backup microsoft launcher Microsoft Launcher then allows you to choose what kind of thing you would like to back up. backup proceed Backing up data is important so you can feel easy when using your phone with this Microsoft Launcher app.

Now you've learned how to use Microsoft Launcher completely, and you can get the most out of this launcher to maximize your productivity.If you have feedback or question, leave it in the comment below.