How to Use PicPick: The Best Screenshot App for PC & Mac

Using PicPick is actually easy because it has nice interface. Unlike other screenshot app, PicPick has interactive features. Here’s how to use it.

picpick view tab how to use

If you wonder what is the best screenshot app for Windows 10 and Mac, here’s a quick answer: PicPick.

It has the simplest features that are advanced enough and user-friendly enough for even a beginner, yet it keeps managing itself to become free for anyone to use it.

In this article, we’re going to cover how to use it and get the most out of it.

Using PicPick is actually easy because it has a nice interface. Unlike other screenshot apps, PicPick has interactive features that can be used by anyone.

You can use the screen capture region, fixed region, freehand, repeating the last capture, and some annotation features.

If you don’t use PicPick and never install one, you can download it here.

If you use Android, you can also use the best screenshot apps for Android that are free to download from Play Store. You can also learn how to edit screenshots on Android, too.

How to Use Screen Capture Feature on PicPick

PicPick by default will show on the System tray. If you want to take a screenshot, you can just tap any keyboard shortcut you have set or right-click at the icon inside the System tray and then tap Screen Capture.

Here, you will find more options that allow you to capture screen from changing the output type, changing default image format, and picking areas you want to take a screenshot from (full-screen, active window, window control, region, fixed region, freehand, or repeat last capture area).

how to use picpick to take screenshot

PicPick will offer you many options to use after you take the screenshot you will take.

From opening the image on PicPick Editor, copy to clipboard, save it, print it, upload it, upload it to the cloud service, post it to Facebook/Twitter, send an email, upload to an FTP server, open the screenshot on Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint, open it on Skype, or even choosing an external program you want to share the screenshot to.

how to use picpick screenshot

Using a good screenshot app isn’t enough if you don’t choose the image file format. PicPick generally offers you PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, and PDF file format for any image or screenshot you take.

how to use picpick to capture region

If you are a UI designer that happens to get confused about what color an element in your screen uses, you can use this feature on PicPick to help the job. Color Palette allows you to choose a color that has been chosen before.

To choose the color, you have to tap Color Picker then choose any element on your screen you want to take the color from. Then, you can get the HTML/RGB code of that color.

use picpick to pick a color

PicPick also gives you more options that you can use to change the program options. Tap Program options to see.

how to change setting on picpick

This is where you change all the settings in this screenshot app. This will make you use PicPick better. When start opening the program, you can choose to open Image Editor, or something else.

You can also change the options that influence the app to show inside the System tray.

how to change the default program mode on picpick

You can choose to open Image Editor, open Floating Widget, or only show notifications on the system tray.

Tap the Editor tab. You will see more options for editing screenshots/images. Using PicPick isn’t enough if you don’t choose any options here.

You can choose to hide PicPick Editor before capturing, align an image in the center of the window, automatically flatten shapes with the background image, close an unsaved image without asking, exit PicPick when closing image editor.

You can choose the background color of the editor, too.

how to change editor option on picpick

You can use more PicPick features here if you enable some options, like always include a cursor. Even more, you can enable support for dual monitors, activate sound effects when capturing, always copy captured image to clipboard, and even set the delay time.

how to change output type on picpick

PicPick also has an auto save feature that makes it a lot easier to use the app itself. On the tab File Name, you can input a file name that is applied when you save all pictures on the Editor. You can also choose the default file format.

change ftp setting on picpick

PicPick, as we said earlier, has auto save feature. You can check this to automatically save the image after every capture happens. You have to put the directory URL to save the screenshot automatically.

how to change auto save setting on picpick

Here, on tab Images, you can choose JPEG Options which is the quality manager of an image. You can set Maximum or setting up your own number.

how to change jpeg options on picpick

If you have a website you want to upload pictures to, uploading through PicPick seems like a great idea. You can put down your FTP information here. Using PicPick to edit images and then upload directly to a website seems like a great deal.

how to change ftp setting on picpick

Here, finally, you have to set up keyboard shortcuts that lead to different capturing areas. You can capture full-screen, active window, window control, scrolling window, region, fixed region, freehand, and repeat the last capture area through a combination of keys.

how to change hot key keyboard shortcut on picpick

Once, you capture any screenshot by using PicPick, you can add a watermark on the image. Besides, you can also add invert, grayscale, pixelate, blur, sharpen, adjusting brightness/contrast manually to some area of the screenshot.

how to use picpick to add watermark to screenshot

Adding watermark is easy, and you can put the watermark on any location you want. You can even set the transparency rate.

how to add watermark to screenshot on picpick

PicPick makes everything about image editing a lot simpler. Like this. You can change both image size and canvas size.

how to change image size on picpick

For more annotation, you can brush, erase, and add some shapes. You can also add text, stamps, some effects on PicPick. Annotation is what made PicPick the best and easy to use as a screenshot app.

how to use annotation features on picpick

You can also share the image directly from the Share tab. It has various of social media and email tools to lets you post pictures on it. You can even choose your own external program that could interact with PicPick to share the images.

how to share image on picpick

To use PicPick a lot easier, you may want to change the view and appearance of it. You can do that here in View tab. You can zoom in, zoom out, go full screen, see thumbnails, enable ruler, status bar, and tab.

picpick view tab how to use

Now you’ve learned how to use PicPick as the best screenshot and get the most out of it. If you have feedback on using PicPick your own, you can leave it in the comment below.

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