Complete Guide on How to Use Signal on PC

how to use signal on pc

Signal, the private messenger app that competes with WhatsApp also provides its desktop app, but not everyone knows how to use it. Here’s how to use Signal on PC using its desktop app.

Signal’s desktop app is available for Windows 10, Mac, and Linux. Signal currently doesn’t have its web app as WhatsApp does, but you can definitely use the desktop app to chat and get the same experience as its mobile app on Android and iPhone.

Using the Signal web app is just the same as using the WhatsApp web. All it takes just opening the app, verify using a QR code, and then start chatting.

How to use Signal on PC in Windows 10, Mac, and Linux

This tutorial emphasizes more on Windows 10, but you can do similar methods on Mac and Linux. Signal app can be downloaded from the link below:

Download Signal

Click Download for Windows to finally get the executable file and start downloading it.

how to use signal on pc

Once the download is done, click to start installing.

opening signal setup file

The installation process of Signal app is convenient. Just simply wait until it finishes, which takes minutes.

installing please wait

This is what it looks like when you finish installing Signal on PC. You probably need to wait for more minutes until it gets done.

signal loading on pc

Once it is done, you will see a QR code. Now, open your phone, and open the Signal app.

signal link your phone to signal desktop

Open the Settings.

settings button

Tap Linked devices.

linked devices

Here, simply tap the plus button and scan the QR code that shows on your PC screen.

no devices linked signal

Now, tap Link device.

link this device signal

Here, you can name your device to make it easy to distinguish which device you use Signal on.

choose this device's name signal

Signal will then sync your contacts and groups.

syncing contacts and groups signal on pc

Signal protects your privacy so much it doesn’t show your chat history on your PC. This might not be useful for anyone who wants to receive old messages, but you can still use it the same way as you use Signal on your phone.

how to use signal on pc

Set your preferences on Signal

Signal on PC also has its own preferences. You can also use dark mode, customize notifications, and more.

opening preferences menu on signal on pc

Here, simply tap the Dark if you want to use the dark mode on Signal. You can also hide the menu bar by checking the options.


You can hide or show your name, content, and actions when you receive message notifications. This can be useful when there is someone else in your room that might be able to read your PC monitor from behind, reading your Signal messages.

notifications options in signal on pc

Signal’s desktop app is almost the same as WhatsApp’s. You can install Signal on the PC conveniently with a single click, then scan the QR code to connect it with your phone.

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