How to Use Stickers in Signal (& Install Sticker Packs)

There are other ways to express your feelings than typing in text, like sharing Signal stickers. Here's how to use stickers in Signal and install them.

How to Use Stickers in Signal (& Install Sticker Packs)

Signal, the private messenger app brought the ability to install and send stickers to each other.Here's how to use stickers in Signal, how to find and install sticker packs. Signal stickers work the same as WhatsApp.You can either install the sticker packs from the app itself or from third-party apps/services.

Copying stickers in Signal is also as the same copying stickers in WhatsApp.

How to use stickers in Signal and install within the app

The Signal app has its own stickers available to be downloaded and installed.This method is fine if you don't really need more attractive or interesting stickers outside Signal. You can use stickers in Signal app by opening the app.Tap the emoji button on the text box that you use to send messages in Signal, which will turn into a keyboard button. Tap the the sticker icon beside the emoji icon.

Then, tap the + button. opening sticker keyboard in signal This is where your stickers are going to be placed.This also contains built-in Signal stickers as well.Tap the download button on any sticker pack you want to install. downloading a sticker in signal Here, the installed sticker pack will automatically move to Installed Stickers section.

As you can see, the built-in stickers were Zozo the Frech Bulldog and Bandit the Cat. sticker is installed in signal To use the stickers in Signal, you can open the sticker keyboard by tapping the button at the left side of the textbox.Tap the sticker tab inside it, and simply tap the sticker to send it. sending a sticker in signal The sticker that gets sent will look like this. sticker is sent in signal

How to install Signal stickers from third-party makers

There is a third-party sticker maker that specifically makes sticker packs for Signal.When you are bored with current stickers in Signal, you can install directly from the website. Visit the website.

Simply browse for a good sticker pack for Signal.You can search for memes, animals, or any sticker pack from any category you want. searching for a sticker in signal Here, tap the Add to Signal button once you find the sticker pack you want to install for Signal. add stickers to signal If you use Android, you may see this message.Tap Signal to open it with Signal app. open with signal On the Signal app that will automatically open, tap the Install button.

You're seeing the preview of the Signal stickers there. install a sticker in signal Once the sticker pack is installed, you will see a message saying "Sticker pack installed" on your Signal app. sticker pack is installed in signal To use the stickers, simply tap the keyboard button.Select the sticker pack tab at the bottom.Single-tap any sticker to send it to others. opening sticker keyboard in signal Sent stickers will look like this.

The website provides high quality stickers so there's no need to worry about image quality.You can also install and send animated stickers in Signal. sending a sticker in signal

How to remove a sticker pack from Signal

You can remove any sticker pack from Signal easily.The method is just similar.

Open the keyboard menu, tap the sticker tab.Tap the plus button. deleting a sticker pack in signal Here, tap the X button to delete the sticker pack.You will no longer see the sticker pack on your keyboard anymore. deleting stickers in signal

Signal provides the ability to install a sticker pack to express your thought without having to type any text.

Simply open the keyboard menu, select a sticker pack, and then single-tap to send any sticker you want.