How to Use Tantan App, A Chinese Dating App

tantan app

Tantan is a popular Chinese dating app that lets you browse users you would date with by swiping. It’s like Tinder but Chinese, and yes, it has broad features like albums and playing games with the users. Even though Tinder is a bit simpler, Tantan has mainly preferred by users because Tantan can detect fake pictures in minutes, making you feel safer because users mainly use their own pictures.

Here’s the review of the Tantan app, and how to use it.

How to Download Tantan and Set It Up

To get the Tantan app, you can download and install it through the Play Store. Click here to download.

Install the app. Open it.

Tantan has two ways for users to register and login: 1) phone verification, 2) Facebook. You can use Facebook account to login to the Tantan app. Be aware that Facebook could give notifications to your Facebook friends when you signing up to Tantan using Facebook (you can turn off the notifications though).

First thing first, Tantan will have to ask you the first picture you want to use as a Tantan profile. Remember, the picture must be real that is you because Tantan can detect fake pictures. Otherwise, Tantan would’ve blocked your account temporarily.

tantan detect fake picture

How to Use Tantan App The Right Way To Get Matches

To get matches in Tantan, you don’t really have to fill your profile information. A good picture of you is enough. The rest is the way you swipe left and right to like and skip someone, and we’ll talk about it later on.

Tantan has two likes options: like and super-like. Super-like is when you like someone and you will get noticed more, because people who use super-like is kind of rare. It’s rare because you have to pay it to super-like someone. In my country, it costs about $2/month and included in Tantan VIP paid-features. We will talk about this paid feature later on.

In summary, you swipe left to skip someone. You swipe right to like them. You tap the blue button in the right to super-like them. You tap the picture to get more information about the person, and you’ll see the more pictures by swiping right/left.

You’ll also see the location/city they live in, the range (you can change the range in km/mile later on), their last seen (the last time they open Tantan app), their interests and hobbies, and also a blue badge that says “Photo profile verified” implies that the user has verified their pictures which means that those pictures are, you can say, real.

tantan app

Let’s take a look at the detail. This is how interests and hobbies look like. Users can insert their own interests on music, movies, food, type of work out, books, and more.

tantan personality details and information

Now try to swipe right the ones you’re interested in and swipe left the ones you’re not into. For free users, there are limitations to swipe right/like someone.

How to Personalize Your Tantan Profile to Get More Matches

Now, let’s personalize your account to get more matches freely, without even paying. You can get the most out of your free Tantan account by filling your interest and hobby.

Tap the menu button then tap your profile picture to visit your profile. Here, you can change how you look on the Tantan app. You can change your name, your birthday, your gender, your pictures, your bio, your information (job, education, etc), and your personality (interest and hobby).

tantan customize your profile

Personalizing your profile is easy. Tap each option and then write everything you want to fill that option. You can fill up to 6 pictures. Make sure you upload the best picture you have, to get more matches.

change your profile picture

From the Tantan app’s Settings, you can change the distance, location, the ages of users you want to see, and other privacy settings.

set up your own filter

How to Get More Match by Using Tantan Paid Features

Tantan has two paid packages that contain its premium features: 1) Tantan VIP; 2) Step-Up.

Tantan VIP contains all premium features you would want on a dating app. It has 5 super likes a day, exclusive badge, unlimited likes, unlimited rewinds, and swipe around the globe. The Step-Up is a feature in which the Tantan algorithm favors your account more than other free users so you will get more views.

tantan paid features

How to Date and Meet People Safely from Tantan Matches

Did you get a match? Congratulations! You can now chat with them and start getting to know them more.

got matches on tantan

The chat feature in Tantan is easy to use and has more features than Tinder. It has albums and a timeline. You can get to know more people you match by using this feature.

chat with girls on tantan

You’ve known how to use Tantan app with more guidance on using it the right way to get more matches. If you don’t really like Tantan and have better preferences on dating apps, let us know in the comment below. If you don’t like Tantan, you can use MiChat instead.

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