How to Use WhatsApp Web in PC/Laptop/Android/iPhone

different ways to use whatsapp web

WhatsApp is the most downloaded and used messaging app on Android and iPhone. For a better experience, WhatsApp also provides its desktop client web app at

This desktop client brings you a simple general WhatsApp experience just like in the smartphone app, with the only lacking feature is voice and video call. You can learn how to use WhatsApp Web in this article.

Using WhatsApp Web on a PC/laptop is quite easy compared to the smartphone app. Especially if you work and use WhatsApp as its messaging tools. With WhatsApp Web tips, you make your work and everyday life a hell of a lot easier. If you’re really new to this, you can learn easily how to use it.

But, before talking about how to use it, we would like to discuss how it is different than the smartphone app.

The difference between WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp mobile app

The WhatsApp app on the smartphone, both on Android and iPhone, works with complete features including saving new contacts. In the desktop version, WhatsApp Web client, you can send messages to other users whose contacts you have saved.

WhatsApp Web must be connected to the WhatsApp app on your smartphone. This means you can’t use WhatsApp Web without logging in to your WhatsApp mobile app. You can’t use them separately. And the only way you can log in is by scanning the bar-code that is showing on the desktop/web app client.

You can’t also use WhatsApp Web if you turn off your smartphone or disconnect your smartphone from the internet. WhatsApp Web even will notify you if your smartphone’s battery is too low and that you have to charge it to continue using the web app client.

There are two WhatsApp Web clients: 1) web app, 2) desktop app. The first obviously need a browser to work. The second is a standalone desktop app that you need to install on your Windows PC or Mac. The second clearly doesn’t need a browser to work.

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How to use WhatsApp Web on your PC/laptop (browser)

Like I said before, you have to login into the WhatsApp mobile app version first. You can download it here on the Play Store, or here on the App Store.

Once you login into the mobile app, let’s login into the desktop/web app client.

Open any browser on your PC. You can use any browser, whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera. It doesn’t matter. Then visit

Then you should see this kind of bar-code.

using many different whatsapp web account on the same computer

Now, go to the smartphone app. Tap on the menu button.

whatsapp menu button

Tap the WhatsApp Web. It will show the camera that lets you scan the bar-code shown on your PC’s browser.

whatsapp scan qr code

Scan it. Wait for a second.

Then, you are now logging into WhatsApp Web!

login into whatsapp web

How to use WhatsApp Web on your smartphone

You can even use WhatsApp Web on your smartphone, simply because it’s built for that purpose. All you have to do is enabling the desktop site on your Chrome browser (if you use Android) or your Safari browser (if you use iPhone).

First, you need a QR code scanner app. You can install any kind of QR code scanner app from the Play Store or App Store.

Then, open a browser and go to

WhatsApp generally doesn’t provide a browser mobile client, but you can use the same WhatsApp Web client that works on the desktop, by visiting it with desktop mode.

The only way we can do this is by checking the Desktop site checkbox on the menu option.

desktop on mobile

That way, WhatsApp Web will reload and show you the QR code.

Once the QR code is shown, scan them using the QR code scanner app.

Now you can use WhatsApp Web client on your mobile browser.

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How to download and use WhatsApp Web desktop app

WhatsApp also provides its desktop standalone app. This means you can chat with others without opening a browser.

You download the WhatsApp Web desktop client app here.

It works both for Windows and Mac.

Once you downloaded the app, you can install it on your PC/laptop.

Now you can log in the same way you login into the WhatsApp Web on the browser.

Tap menu option. Tap the WhatsApp Web. Then scan the QR code that’s showing.

Now you can use WhatsApp Web without going to visit the website on the browser.

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