How to Fix: Hulu Keeps Crashing, Skipping, Freezing, or Buffering

Are you trying to enjoy a movie but end up getting a headache because Hulu keeps crashing? Here’s how to solve it.

hulu keeps crashing

Hulu, one of the most popular streaming services has a common problem that frustrates its users: that Hulu keeps crashing. Here’s how to fix it regardless of the cause.

Hulu requires an internet connection to work. It also heavily relies on your device resources to seamlessly stream and play your favorite movies or shows. But sometimes, it doesn’t work, or worse, keeps crashing.

Hulu that keeps crashing, skipping, freezing, or buffering means there’s something wrong with the Hulu app, your internet connection, or your device. It can happen on any device, from Android, iPhone, or a smart TV (Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Vizio, or other brands).

But, regardless of the cause and where it happens, the solutions are the same. These solutions might not guarantee to fix the Hulu keeps crashing problem, but they can be helpful.

Make sure your internet is fine and connects to Hulu

The first thing to do is to make sure whether your internet connection is fine, and is able to connect to the Hulu server. You can do that by accessing the Hulu website on the browser or simply playing a movie on the Hulu app.

If your internet connection turns out to be fine and is able to access Hulu, there must be something wrong with the app. If the app is fine, then your device is probably the problem.

Restart or sign out of the Hulu app

Restarting the Hulu app is pretty straightforward and easy. Sometimes restarting the app can fix the problem, like Hulu keeps crashing when the app just isn’t working well.

If Hulu seems to keep crashing, freezing, or buffering without any reason, you can try signing out of the app and then signing in again.

Clear the cache of the Hulu app

Hulu app works faster by using cache. But sometimes a problem occurs that clearing the cache can be the solution. You can clear the cache of the Hulu app on any device, including an Android, iPhone, or your smart TV.

On Android and iPhone, you can do that through the Settings. On Android, select Apps. Search for Hulu. At the bottom, simply select Clear data. Select Clear cache.

If this doesn’t work, try signing out of the Hulu app beforehand. Then clear the cache again.

Reinstall the Hulu app if Hulu keeps crashing

If clearing the cache doesn’t solve the Hulu keeps crashing problem, you can try reinstalling the app. It can be done easily on Android, iPhone, or a smart TV.

Hulu that isn’t working well is just frustrating, especially when you just want to enjoy the entertainment but end up getting a headache due to the app problem. Hopefully, the above suggestions solve the problem.

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