How To Fix Hyperlinks Not Working in Outlook on Windows 10/11

Some find their Outlook isn’t able to open a link. Here’s how to fix the hyperlinks not working in Outlook on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

htmlfile value

Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to manage your emails, but there is an error that commonly happens and is frustrating: the hyperlinks not working in Outlook. Here’s how to fix it on Windows 10 and Windows 11 (or basically any compatible Windows version).

When you try to open a link directly from Outlook, it will just not open and you don’t know what went wrong. Fortunately, this error is solvable using some practical solutions by managing the default browser and a registry tweak if necessary.

How to fix the hyperlinks not working in Outlook

Reset the Internet Explorer settings

If you use Internet Explorer as the default browser and it fails to open a link from Outlook, you can try resetting Internet Explorer but at the cost of its current settings.

To do this, open the Internet Options dialog box by typing it on the search bar of the Start menu.

hyperlinks not working in outlook

Go to the Advanced tab. Select Reset.

reset internet settings

Here, select Reset. You are going to reset everything on the list.


Restart your PC. Once it’s turned on, try opening a hyperlink from Outlook.

Choose Microsoft Edge to open hyperlinks

Microsoft Edge might not be your choice to browse the web. But if you find a problem like the hyperlinks isn’t working, you might want to use it as the default browser to open hyperlinks.

Go to the Settings > Apps > Default apps. At the bottom, select Choose default apps by protocol.

default browser

Scroll down until you find HTTP and HTTPS. Make sure the default app for both is Microsoft Edge.

default apps

A registry tweak

If none of the above works to solve this hyperlink issue, you can try importing this particular registry key from a computer with no problem with hyperlinks to the computer with the hyperlink problem.

Now, on the computer that can still open hyperlinks from Outlook, open the Registry Editor by typing regedit on the Run dialog box, which you can open by pressing Windows+R.

regedit run

Go to this address of a registry key:


Export it by clicking File > Export. Save it with a unique name. Copy the registry file that you have saved to a flash drive or something so you can transfer it to the computer that has the hyperlink problem.

export registry

Now, on the computer with the hyperlink problem, open the registry file you have exported earlier by double-clicking it.

import registry

Here, you might see a warning. Select Yes to confirm.

importing registry

After doing this, restart your computer, open the Registry Editor and go to this address:


See if (Default) has htmlfile value (you can see on the Data column).

registry default key

If it doesn’t, change it to htmlfile by double-clicking it, enter htmlfile as Value data, and select OK to save it.

htmlfile value

Restart your computer.

Fortunately, there are solutions to the hyperlink problem in Outlook. Hopefully, they solve it so you can open a hyperlink directly from Outlook.

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