Fix: Two-Factor Authentication Code Not Received/Working on Instagram

Don’t receive a two-factor authentication code from Instagram? Do these things to help fix the problem so you don’t get locked out of your account.

instagram two factor authentication code not received not working

Instagram lets you set up and sign in with two-factor authentication (2FA) code. It makes your Instagram account more secure by requesting additional code upon signing in with an email and password.

However, some users reported that they don’t receive the code or that signing in with 2FA isn’t working. Read more to learn what you can do and how to sign in when you can’t receive the 2FA code.

Two-factor authentication problems on Instagram

This post will help you to solve:

  • Two-factor authentication code isn’t received.
  • Two-factor authentication code isn’t working after entering the code.

Reasons Instagram two-factor authentication code not received or working

Two-factor authentication code isn’t received or working might be caused by the following reasons:

  • You registered the wrong phone number.
  • Your phone number can’t receive a text message.
  • The text message gets into a spam folder.
  • You registered another type of two-factor authentication that doesn’t involve receiving a code (SMS or WhatsApp). For example, you’re using an authenticator app (such as Google Authenticator) that requires you to insert the 2FA code from the app into Instagram manually.
  • Unstable internet connection.
  • Phone access permission isn’t allowed for Instagram.
  • Bugs from Instagram, WhatsApp (if you use WhatsApp for 2FA), or the text messaging app.

Signing in without a two-factor authentication code

Fortunately, Instagram provides another way to sign in besides using the two-factor authentication code. You can use the backup codes, another authenticator app, or WhatsApp (if you used WhatsApp when registering for 2FA).

Use backup codes

Upon registering for 2FA on Instagram, backup codes were shown to let you sign in when you can’t access the authenticator app, are unable to receive the verification code, or when you lose your phone.

account recovery backup instagram

Backup codes can be accessed by tapping Try another way and then selecting Use backup code. Enter one of the backup codes you received. Tap Confirm to sign in.

enter a backup code instagram

Use another registered authenticator app

You might have used the wrong app to sign in to check for a two-factor authentication code. If you registered another authenticator app, such as Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator, you can use that to receive the right verification or two-factor authentication code to sign in.

Use WhatsApp verification code if registered

Instagram lets you add an additional method to receive a verification code besides an authenticator app or SMS/text message, which is using your WhatsApp account.

If WhatsApp is registered for the two-factor authentication feature on Instagram, you can select to receive the code using WhatsApp.

Fixing Instagram when the two-factor authentication code is not received or working

You can fix the 2FA code not received or working by trying to sign in from another trusted device, allowing phone access to the Instagram app, clearing the Instagram app cache, and more explained in the following next sections.

Try signing in from another device already signed in

Instagram lets you set a device as a “trusted device” upon registering for two-factor authentication. The “trusted device” allows you to sign in to your Instagram account without two-factor authentication.

If you registered a trusted device, such as Windows PC, an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Android, use that device to sign in without 2FA — you can then disable two-factor authentication on Instagram if you wish to sign in without 2FA in the future.

Check if you registered the right phone number

If you registered the wrong phone number, such as mistakenly using a second phone number when registering for two-factor authentication, you won’t receive the two-factor authentication code. Instead, you’ll receive the code on the right phone number.

You can check the text or WhatsApp message on another device where the SIM card of the right phone number is inserted.

Check if you can receive an SMS message

The inability to receive a text message might occur on your phone number. You can check that by sending a text message from another device to your phone number.

You can also check whether the text message of the two-factor authentication code gets into the spam folder. Some text messaging apps have a spam folder for spam text messages.

Check whether your internet is stable

An unstable internet connection might cause a problem for the Instagram app to send you the two-factor authentication code. You can check your internet stability by accessing other websites. You can also access the Instagram app to see if it’s currently down.

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Ensure phone access permission is allowed for Instagram

Instagram might require phone access to be able to send a message, and you can allow the permission on Android and iPhone. On Android, open Settings > Apps > Instagram. Select App permissions. Select Phone.

allow instagram to send sms

Set Allow.

allow phone access for instagram

Clear cache

Instagram might not be able to send verification code when its cache is conflicted. You can try clearing the cache to help fix the problem. On Android, open Settings > Apps > Instagram. Select Clear data. Select Clear cache.

clear instagram app cache

Update Instagram app

Try updating the Instagram app to help fix potentially ongoing bugs that might cause the 2FA code isn’t received. You can update Instagram by accessing its page on the Play Store or App Store.

instagram update app

Try disabling a VPN or DNS service

A VPN or DNS service might prevent Instagram from sending the two-factor authentication code properly. Try disabling the VPN or DNS service if it’s enabled.

disconnect wifi

Contact the Instagram support

If you get locked out of Instagram, lose access to your phone, lose your backup codes, and are unable to sign in with two-factor authentication, try contacting Instagram. You can do that by tapping Try another way and selecting Get support. Enter the associated email address and other data required.

submit request when fail to sign in using two-factor authentication on instagram

Two-factor authentication makes your Instagram account more secure. However, a problem like not receiving the code or the two-factor authentication isn’t working can potentially lock you out of your Instagram account. If you are still unable to sign in, contact Instagram support.

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