How to Fix Instagram Keeps Stopping/Crashing

instagram keeps stopping how to fix

Instagram provides a mobile app that is easy to use, but there’s a problem some users experience that is constantly happening: Instagram keeps stopping. Here’s how to fix it so you can use Instagram without an error again.

Issues like this are annoying. It is interrupting your interaction on the app and you have to open the app again to continue what you were doing, like the issues that prevent you from sharing to Facebook or posting anything.

This issue has less to do with the Instagram server itself but more to do with the app and your device. That means this kind of error might happen for other apps as well, but if the Instagram app somehow the only app that keeps crashing, let’s fix it.

How to fix Instagram keeps stopping or crashing

When your phone shows a message saying “Instagram keeps stopping”, you get only a few options, like reporting the bug and quitting the app. None of them work to solve the problem.

When you try to open Instagram again, it force-closes itself and doesn’t seem to load or open. So, why is this happening and what are the solutions?

These can be applied on any device with an Instagram app, including Android with any brand (Samsung, Xiaomi, Pixel, etc).

Make sure you can access Instagram on another device

Some apps might have the same bug that happens on another device as well. The developer might try new features only on specific devices and you probably one of them, or worse, the bug is experienced by many people.

If the problem comes down to the Instagram app itself, there’s nothing you can do other than waiting for a new update. Although you can always roll back to the previous version that still works, it’s not recommended.

Sign out of the Instagram app, restart your device

The Instagram app might crash due to a problem that occurs within the account that is already signed in. You might want to sign out then restart your device to fix it.

Then, once your phone is turned on, sign in again with the same account.

Clear cache of the Instagram app

If signing out and restarting your device doesn’t seem to fix the issue, try adding one more step: clearing the cache. You can do that on the Settings app.

On Android, access the Settings app, select Apps.

how to fix instagram keeps stopping

Select Manage apps.

manage apps

Find the Instagram app. Select Clear data. Select Clear cache or Clear all data if you want to clear all data tied to the app.

clear instagram cache

Re-install the Instagram app

If the above suggestions don’t fix the problem, try adding another step: re-install the app. The Instagram app might have problems when it was installed on your device, and re-installing might help the issue.

Make sure the Instagram app is up-to-date

If your Instagram app hasn’t been updated, you might have issues. Apps usually have updates that are important to fix bugs that occur on phones.

If there’s no new update, there’s nothing you can do other than waiting.

Make sure there’s nothing wrong with your Instagram account

Although this is less likely to cause the issue, it’s still worth considering if something wrong with your Instagram account, that somehow causes it to keep stopping.

Try contacting Instagram support. They might have information about the app that keeps stopping on your device as well.

Instagram that keeps stopping, crashing, or closing itself can be really annoying. The above suggestions, hopefully, solve the problem, so you can enjoy browsing on the app without getting interrupted anymore.

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