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Instagram Music Sticker Gone? Here’s How to Get Music Sticker on Instagram Story Even If You Don’t Live in Country Where Instagram Music is Available

how to get music sticker on instagram story

Instagram has become one of the world’s most popular social media pp. It is always bringing something new, including Instagram music sticker on stories. But, some people experiences that they don’t see Instagram music sticker on stories, that the music sticker is gone. Then they wonder, why don’t I have the music sticker on Instagram?

Well, you’re not the only who don’t have music sticker on your Instagram stories. Some users have music sticker on their accounts, some just don’t have. Or, some people might have music sticker, but it disappeared with unknown reason. Some people even have had experienced of bug that make the music sticker gone.

To reduce confusion, here’s the answer of your problem:

Music Sticker on Instagram Stories isn’t Available for Your Country

The music sticker isn’t available worldwide, and only some countries allow music sticker. This is the primary reason why most people don’t have music sicker on their Instagram stories.

Short answer: regulations.

Different country have different regulations over music industry. This makes everyone in the country can’t freely play music that is made by someone else. Instagram, on the other hand, have license for music its users can play on stories, making it free to play for everyone in the country where Instagram have music license in.

If you have ever seen someone’s Instagram stories with music, and it says Instagram music isn’t available in your region, that means you simply can’t use music sticker in your country.

However, if you live in these countries, you might have Instagram music sticker:

  • US
  • Australia
  • UK
  • France
  • New Zealand
  • Sweden
  • Germany

If you still don’t have Instagram music even if you live in those countries, there is a little reason why.

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If you live in one of those countries, here’s what you can do to enable music sticker in Instagram:

How to Get Music Sticker on Instagram Story If You Live in a Country That Allows Instagram Music

Update Instagram App

how to get music sticker on instagram story

The most common solution when a problem in an app occur is updating the app. If you’ve never updated your Instagram app from Play Store or App Store, you should update it right away. This will make Instagram app works better and faster, and probably can fix the problem you’re encountering right now: missing music sticker.

However, if updating the app doesn’t fix the problem, and you still don’t have music sticker in your stories, you perhaps need to do the next method.

Deleting App Data of Instagram, and Relogin to Your Instagram Accounts

Even if you use Instagram multiple accounts, you probably should do this method to get back your music sticker in your Instagram stories. Deleting app data can reset the cache and the rest of temporary files that prevent your Instagram from updating your location or the country you live in that allows Instagram music.

If you use Android:

Open Settings app of your device. Go to Manage apps.

instagram music sticker gone

Search for ‘instagram’. Tap the app. You’ll then see its detail information, including a button that lets you delete Instagram app data easily.

Tap Clear Data.

Then tap Clear All Data.

deleting instagram app data to recover music stiker on instagram story

That’s it. Now try to reopen Instagram app. Login to your accounts again. See if there’s music sticker in your stories.

If you use iPhone:

Go your Settings app. Tap General.

Tap iPhone storage.

Now on Instagram, tap and then choose Delete app.

Install the app again from the Play Store.

If you still don’t see Instagram music sticker in your stories, then you probably need to do the next method.

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Switch From Personal to Business Account and Vice Versa in Instagram

Some Instagram users lost music sticker after they switched to business account or to personal account. If you’re one of those users, you probably need to switch again to refresh your Instagram account.

But, most people who lost music sticker are the ones who use business account. This may be caused by regulation that prevent businesses to use free music from Instagram for commercial purposes.

If you’re one of those people, you have to switch to personal account.

Open your Instagram app. Tap the hamburger button and tap Settings.

switch to professional account in instagram

Tap Accounts. Tap Switch to Personal Account.

If you still don’t have music sticker in your Instagram stories, try the next method.

Switch to Creator Account in Instagram

Instagram has different kind of accounts: business, personal, professional, and creator. We still don’t know why switching to creator account can fix the missing music sticker in stories. But, it’s worth to try.

To switch to creator account in Instagram, go to your Settings page. Tap Account.

switch to professional account in instagram

If you didn’t switch to professional account, you have to tap Professional account. Then tap Creator account.

switch to creator account in instagram

Once done, you’ve to wait for some days for Instagram to approve your account. If you’re an artist, creating a creator account can be a great way for your career.

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Getting Instagram Music Sticker from Someone’s Instagram Stories

There’s another trick is being done by some people who experienced that this trick can fix the missing Instagram music sticker. It works by finding someone’s Instagram stories that play music in the last 24 hours. This means, you’ve to be in a country where Instagram music is allowed.

To do this, find that person playing Instagram music. Open and watch their story. Tap the song on the corner of your screen.

Now, tap Try Music in Your Story.

This should work to fix the missing music sticker in Instagram story.

Final Way: Send an Email to Instagram

If you really want the music sticker in Instagram story, then you can contact Instagram through email.

You can contact Instagram through this page.

After contacting Instagram, you probably need to wait for some days. Even weeks. Just be patience and wait for responses.

How to Get Music Sticker on Instagram Story If You Don’t Live in a Country That Allows Instagram Music

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If you don’t live in a country where Instagram music is available, you have to use a VPN app. You have to select the top-rated, high quality VPN that can let you choose any region you want. Once you got the VPN, you have to uninstall the Instagram app from your Android or iPhone. Activate the VPN, and then install Instagram from Apple Store or Play Store again.

One of the most popular and top-rated VPN app, and the one we also recommend highly is Nord VPN. You can get NordVPN at better price by using this special link. No bandwidth or data limits for VPN traffic.

Once you install the VPN app, you’ve to uninstall Instagram app. To uninstall the app in Android or iPhone, just drag and drop the app shortcut to the trash icon in your home screen.

Then, activate the VPN and select the region which Instagram is available in.

Finally, install Instagram again and login into your accounts. Enjoy the Instagram music feature and the music sticker in your story.

Instagram has music sticker feature in story that makes it popular and everyone wants to have it. If you experienced that the Instagram music sticker is gone, you can get it back through the above methods we’ve explained. If you did get the music sticker on Instagram story, congratulations! If you still don’t, you can let us know your context and we’re ready to help.

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