7 Ways to Fix Instagram Not Sharing to Facebook (2021)

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Instagram is owned by Facebook, and both social media can work together to make your life and your job a little easier. You’ve linked Instagram to Facebook after some days.

But, you see no Instagram post on your Facebook. You wonder, “why is Instagram not sharing to Facebook?”

Instagram introduced a feature that lets you link Instagram to Facebook. If you turned this on, you should’ve seen all the new Instagram posts you’ve uploaded in your Facebook post.

This useful feature really makes it easy for people who work regularly using both Instagram and Facebook.

When you upload a picture or video, then tap Share, you notice your Facebook profile or the page doesn’t update a new picture/video from Instagram. That might be frustrating because you need to post manually on Facebook again only for the same content.

Instagram not sharing to Facebook, why?

There are some reasons why Instagram is not posting to Facebook:

  • Instagram isn’t properly linked to Facebook.
  • You may accidentally have disabled sharing feature on Instagram.
  • Facebook may be down temporarily when you post.
  • Your Facebook account may be temporarily banned for unknown reasons, preventing you from posting normally.
  • There’s a bug in Facebook or Instagram.

Well, there are many reasons why, and most of the time you just can’t figure out why.

Instead, the only thing you can do is by doing the below suggestions and solutions which will solve the problems eventually, which is Instagram not posting to Facebook. Those solutions are in fact, easy to do.

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Try logging out of Facebook and Instagram app

If you can’t post from Instagram to Facebook automatically, you may try logging out of both apps, then log in to your Instagram and Facebook account. Make sure your Facebook account has been linked. Try posting again.

To do this, open your Facebook app. Tap the hamburger button at the top, at the right side of the notification icon. Scroll down until you see Log Out button. Tap Log Out. Tap Yes.

instagram not posting to facebook

To log out of the Instagram app, simply go to your profile. Tap the hamburger button. Tap Settings.

instagram not sharing to facebook

Now, simply tap Log Out at the bottom. Tap Log Out to confirm.

why won't my instagram post to facebook

See if this solve the problem. If you still can’t post from Instagram to Facebook automatically, you should check out the next method.

You may need to change your Facebook password

Changing your Facebook password might be a big deal. Simply because you have to remember your new password again. But, this is fine if you really want to fix the problem: Instagram can’t post to Facebook.

To do this, simply open your Facebook app. You can also do the same thing on the Facebook web on your mobile browser. Tap Settings. Tap Security and Login.

logout from facebook app

Now tap Change Password. Next, enter your current password, new password, and retype the new password. Tap Save Changes.

logout of facebook to to fix instagram can't post to facebook

Instagram still isn’t posting to Facebook? Try changing your Instagram password

This may be frustrating. You’ve done all the above methods but nothing seems to work. Don’t worry, there are still other things you can do if this also doesn’t work.

To change your Instagram password, simply open the app. Go to your profile. Tap the hamburger button. Tap Settings.

logout of instagram

Go to Security. Tap Password.

change instagram password

Now, enter your current password, new password, and retype your new password. Tap the checkmark button at the top.

reset instagram password

If you still wonder, why won’t my Instagram post to Facebook? even after doing above methods, you can try the next one.

Make sure you link Facebook to Instagram properly

If your Instagram settings on “Linked Accounts” aren’t set properly, that may lead the error when Instagram is trying to post or share to Facebook.

To check this, simply go to your profile. Tap the hamburger button. Tap Settings.

instagram settings page

Tap Account. Tap Linked Accounts.

link facebook to instagram

Now, tap the Facebook button. If you haven’t been connecting Instagram to Facebook, you may see this. Enter your Facebook email and password.

instagram connect to facebook

Tap Continue as (your Facebook name). Tap Start Sharing to Facebook.

instagram connect to facebook

Now, make sure you’ve set everything properly here. Choose either you want to post to your Facebook profile, or to your Facebook page. Make sure you’ve turned on “Share Your Story to Facebook” and “Share Your Post to Facebook”.

Some people experience that their Instagram account is not posting to Facebook business page/profile, or posting to the wrong page. This method can solve that problem by choosing the right page or profile you want to post to.

link facebook to instagram to post automatically

Unlink Instagram from Facebook, then link It again

You can try unlinking Instagram from Facebook, then linking it again. This may be way too much effort to fix the problem of Instagram can’t post to Facebook, but it’s a little sacrifice you have to make.

To unlink Instagram from Facebook, go to your profile. Tap the hamburger button. Tap Settings.

instagram profile page

Now, tap Account. Tap Linked Accounts.

unlink facebook from instagram to fix instagram can't post to facebook

Tap Facebook. Now, tap Unlink.


Tap Yes, Unlink to confirm.

yes unlink

Remove Instagram from Facebook apps, then link Facebook again

This is another stuff you have to do to make Instagram posting again to Facebook.

Go to your Facebook account and click the drop down menu at the top. You have to open this in your PC browser.

remove instagram apps from facbeook

Tap Apps and Website.

If you still can’t post from Instagram to Facebook, use IFTTT service instead

If you’re tired relying on Instagram to post your picture to Facebook and nothing seems to work, you can IFTTT service which is an automation tool that can connect both platform and do things automatically.

Download IFTTT on Play Store

Download IFTTT on App Store

Once you install the app, open it. Now login with your account or you can sign up if you didn’t have one. Tap Instagram. If there’s no Instagram, tap Get More then search for Instagram.

use ifttt to post from instagram to facebook automatically

Now, tap Get More.

choose instagram

You will see some of the most popular cards here. These cards are used differently depending on what you need. If you want Instagram to post to Facebook automatically after you post one there, simply search for that card.

In this example, I’m going to choose a card that allows my Instagram account to post on a Facebook page when I include a specific hashtag. Tap Connect.

If you don’t see card you want, you can use IFTTT on PC using browser to see more cards.

ifttt connect instagram with facebook

Now, login with your Facebook account. Tap Continue as (your Facebook name).

facebook instagram

Now tap OK.

manage instagram to facebook

Here, you can set whether you want to be notified every time Instagram post something on Facebook or not. You can also set which hashtag (and other settings depending on which card you chose before).

ifttt post automatically from insta to fb

When everything is nicely done, tap Done.

Instagram isn’t perfect platform, just like Facebook. You’ve linked to Facebook but you don’t see any IG posts.

Well, there are some solutions you can do to solve that. Instagram should post new picture to Facebook after you do any of those solutions. You can write comments if your Instagram can’t still post to Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Fix Instagram Not Sharing to Facebook (2021)”

  1. I used to be able to share from my biz IG account to FB. Then it stopped. I’ve followed these instructions several times. I changed passwords in both accounts. I’ve logged out of both and logged back in. Shut off and turned on devices. I’ve updated the apps.

    Everythink it linked properly. What’s odd is that in “Share to other apps,” “Share stories” is always toggled on but “Share posts” is often toggled off. It seems not to like to stay on. But even when it’s on, when I’m in an individual post, I cannot get the Facebook toggle to stay on. If I click on Advanced Settings, there’s yet another option to Share Posts to Facebook and that will not stay on.

    Perhaps most bizarre of all is that I can share a Story to Facebook after it’s already been posted. Facebook appears in one of my options of places to share to. But Facebook will not appear as an option if I share a previously posted Post.

    At this point, I surrender but if you have any ideas, wonderful!

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