Best Cool Instagram Story Ideas to Attract More Followers

Using Instagram for marketing might not be simple at first. Here are some best Instagram story video ideas suggestions to start.

Best Cool Instagram Story Ideas to Attract More Followers

A huge audience and tons of advertising opportunities – this is the answer to the question of why entrepreneurs spend money, time, and effort to promote their business on Instagram, specifically, Instagram stories. Here we will tell you what kind of stories videos you need to create so that they catch users and sell without words, boosting your business.

Why do businesses need Instagram at all?

Firstly, Hootsuite’s statistics show how effective can Instagram be for business:

  • 1 in 2 people have used Instagram to discover new brands;
  • 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business, of which 70% of users share in their accounts information about brands found on Instagram;
  • 58% of users say they're more interested in a brand after seeing it in a Story;
  • the average engagement on business account posts on Instagram is 0.83%.

What should a brand do in the Insta-world?

  • Form and maintain an image: show what the brand is and what its strength is.You can also remove followers to maintain the right audience.
  • Communicate with clients getting feedback.With potential customers, involving them in the life of the brand.

    With strangers who sometimes become clients or give a hint for development.

  • Talk about itself.About novelties, assortment, and possibilities.
  • State itself.Declare the entrance of the market.
  • And, of course, to sell: directly on Instagram.

    or leading customers to the site.Or it can launch word of mouth, the origins of which can be difficult to trace.

And if you can put at least one checkmark, using Instagram for business is worth it, as well as adding your office location to the bio.And now, let’s talk about what you can post there.
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Video formats supported by Instagram

First, let's think about why your Instagram needs a video format.

Firstly, this is a great opportunity to more fully demonstrate your offerings – make a detailed review of the service/products, show employees the backstage of the company, publish video customer reviews, and so on. Secondly, it is obvious that videos get a lot more views, likes, reposts, and saves than ordinary posts with photos.They arouse more interest and more effectively engage your audience in content, and simply refresh the feed.Thirdly, this is another effective channel of interaction with the audience, and even more – another sales channel. We have identified 5 video content formats on Instagram:

  • In-Feed.

    They are available in a square, landscape, and vertical orientation.You can select a video of any format, no larger than 4 GB and up to 60 seconds.The recommended formats are MP4 and MOV, and the maximum resolution is 1080p.

  • Stories.

    Stories are highly-liked on Instagram.Many users, without even going to the feed, immediately look at the Stories – after all, the most relevant and interesting stuff is published here, including links to posts published in the feed.Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, so this is a great opportunity to stir up interest in your account on a daily basis.

  • IGTV.

    IGTV is a relatively fresh Instagram video format that can compete with YouTube because long videos can now be watched directly on Instagram.Regular users can post videos ranging from 1 to 15 minutes long, and business accounts can add a video up to 60 minutes.

  • Reels.Instagram reels is a short video format that was added in the wake of TikTok's popularity.

    Reels also remain in the profile, so all users have access to videos at any time.Unlike IGTV and the in-feed videos, Reels are designed only for the vertical position of the smartphone when viewing.

  • Live broadcast.Instagram Live is a fantastic and simple choice that can further engage your followers in the interaction with the channel and build trust with them.

    You can host a webinar, chat with subscribers and answer their questions, or just show how your day goes.

For this article, we specifically talk about Instagram stories ideas.Here are the suggestions for you to make.
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Cool Instagram story ideas

Weekly rubric

A simple yet powerful type of video content that can keep viewers intrigued is the weekly series.Create a series where you post a specific type of video on specific days of the week.

For example, you can make a series of #FridayTips and share tips related to your business or industry every Friday. Other weekly hashtag series include #MotivationMonday, #Caturday or #WeekendVibes, and more.

Fun social holidays

Explore fun public holidays like National Puppy Day, Hug Day, International Friendship Day, or National Coffee Day.Why not post a cute video for better audience engagement? Add some editions in the Instagram video editor to make them even sweeter.

Educational video

Teach viewers how to do what you do best.Or show how to use your product.

Remember that viewers should get all the information they need without leaving the feed (that is, without googling extra information).

Recap video

You can remember anything you want on Instagram.If you had an event, create a video with some of the best photos.Create a compilation featuring some of your most effective Instagram content, highlights from the month, or a debriefing.

Video teasers

Video teasers are exactly what the name says: they exist to promote the content you've created, an upcoming live stream, or a current product offering by showing the most compelling part of it.

Also, don’t forget to add an intriguing cover photo to make this video catchy in the feed.


Engaging your audience behind the scenes is arguably one of the best ways to build trust, showcase the less perfect (and more human) side of your business, and build relationships with your customers. Many companies still don't show much behind the scenes, which is understandable because there is always a risk of showing too much and your ideas will be stolen.

Video with a talking head

Our next Instagram video idea is also one of the easiest ones ever made.Tell them about who you are! Whether you're a one-man business or a growing brand, people want to know who's behind the company name.They want to communicate with a person, not with a faceless organization. That's why sharing regular videos with camera conversations works so well.

They are also easy to get started on your journey into Instagram video marketing.All you need is to record video from Instagram itself or make a screen recording on Mac or Windows to add some editions later.

Videos created by users

User-generated content has a 4.5% higher conversion rate, so it's a great way to add more variety to your Instagram strategy and make sure you reach your goals. The best user-generated videos are videos from people who have bought from you in the past and can share real experiences based on that.

Which video format will be effective for your business can only be determined in practice.Experiment – thanks to Instagram capabilities, you will have fertile ground for your fantasy. Image by Souvik Banerjee