How To Install and Use iCloud on Windows 11

iCloud is a part of the Apple ecosystem, but Apple allows you to use iCloud on Windows 11, too. Here’s how to install and use iCloud on Windows 11.

icloud drive on file explorer windows 11

iCloud is part of the Apple ecosystem, which means iCloud is integrated with other Apple products and services. But Apple allows iCloud users to be able to sign in and manage their files on Windows 11 (and previous versions such as Windows 10) too, although it might not be straightforward.

This post will help you to download, set up, and use iCloud on Windows 11, which can be applied to Windows 10. You can also apply it to Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7 if you still use any of the older versions of Windows.

Why you need iCloud on Windows 11

Having iCloud on your Windows 11 PC can be helpful to:

  • Manage the files that you also manage from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad using the iCloud Drive. You don’t have to open your Mac or iPhone to simply delete, rename, upload, or download files.
  • You can also upload to your iCloud Drive directly from Windows 11, almost the same way you upload files to OneDrive.
  • You can manage pictures uploaded to the Photos.
  • You can manage your contacts, email, and calendar that will be integrated into your Outlook app.
  • You can manage bookmarks.
  • You can manage saved passwords that will be integrated into Microsoft Edge using an additional extension.

How to install iCloud on Windows 11

Apple provides an iCloud app for Windows 11 and Windows 10 that you can find on the Microsoft Store. If you use an older version of Windows or simply wish to download the iCloud app without Microsoft Store, you can download it from the Apple website.

Download iCloud on Microsoft Store

Click the link below to download iCloud on Microsoft Store, or search the app name on the search box of Microsoft Store. Click Get to install iCloud.

Download iCloud on Microsoft Store

how to install and use icloud on windows 11

Downloading iCloud from Microsoft Store will still require administrative privilege for installation and a few other steps to set it up. A dialog box will pop up automatically after iCloud is downloaded, you select Yes and follow the next instruction.

Download iCloud without Microsoft Store

If you prefer a manual executable file that you can run without the need for Microsoft Store, you can get that using the link below. Simply click the link that says Download iCloud for Windows on Apple’s website.

Download iCloud

Setting up iCloud

Setting up iCloud can be done in a few clicks. You’ll see the login form on the iCloud app. Enter your Apple ID and your password. Select Sign in.

icloud lets you access your photos icloud setup

The iCloud app might ask you for a verification code sent to your phone number. Follow the instruction.

icloud verification on windows 11

You will see which part of iCloud you would like to add to your Windows 11 PC that you want to manage. You can select:

  • iCloud Drive
  • Photos
  • Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
  • Bookmarks
  • Passwords

You will also see the used storage space on your iCloud. Select Apply.

choose what to adds to icloud on windows 11

How to use iCloud on Windows 11

If you set up iCloud Drive, you will see it directly from the File Explorer. The folder and files inside contain the status icon that implies their online/offline status. When you upload a file, you will see a different icon to imply the upload process.

icloud drive on file explorer windows 11

How to uninstall iCloud from Windows 11

If you wish to stop using the iCloud app on your Windows 11 PC, you can uninstall it by right-clicking the app from the Start menu and selecting Uninstall. It will be automatically removed from your PC.

Apple provides the iCloud app for Windows, which makes it easier for you to manage your iCloud files and data inside, including your contacts and passwords. You can download from iCloud and upload to iCloud directly from Windows 11.

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