How To Fix iPhone Battery Drains While Charging

iPhone should receive battery power while charging. But some find the opposite happens. Here’s how to fix iPhone battery drains while charging.

how to fix iphone battery drains while charging

iPhone requires a battery to work that has to be charged regularly. But what if your iPhone battery drains while charging instead? Here’s how to fix it.

If you have an iPhone that is plugged in for charging but drains instead of normally charged, chances are your iPhone isn’t effectively charged and that your iPhone uses the battery power more than the power it receives through charging.

It’s not necessarily caused by the fact your iPhone uses too much battery power, but instead terrible charging cables, charger, and power outlet.

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Plug to the right power outlet

The main thing that causes an iPhone battery to drain is that there’s just not enough power it can receive from the source, like a laptop USB port. Try to find a power outlet instead, that you can plug your iPhone charger into.

If you have to use your laptop USB port to charge your iPhone because there are no other options, you probably have to turn your iPhone off so it doesn’t drain while being charged.

Turn off your iPhone while charging

Turning off your iPhone while charging might be a good solution to not just prevent battery drain but also make the charging process faster. Especially if you have to use a lower-power charger or a laptop USB port.

Your iPhone should charge now, and it should charge faster, even if it is just a little faster. But keep in mind that how fast your iPhone is charged still depends on the cable, charger, and the power outlet it can provide.

Checking the compatibility of your iPhone charger and cable

If you plug your iPhone charger into the high-power outlet but your iPhone still doesn’t charge, charges slowly, or worse, drains instead of receiving power, you might need to check whether you use the right charger and cable.

Your iPhone charger might have a lower current than you think it has. If your iPhone charger and its cable are original, they should provide enough power to actually charge your iPhone.

If your charger isn’t certified, you might encounter problems while charging. It can be charging very slowly, or even not charging at all which causes your iPhone to drain, especially when you use your iPhone.

If you want to charge your iPhone a little faster, you can use an iPad charger. It is faster than a regular iPhone charger and your iPhone can tolerate the amount of power it receives.

iPhone battery drains while charging isn’t something you should be panic about, since it’s most likely caused by the charger and cable themselves. However, if you think your iPhone is the problem, bring it to the Apple Store for service and repair.

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