Why Is My iPhone Not Notifying Me When I Receive a Text?

iphone text notification issues

It’s frustrating to not know whether you receive a message from someone, and you have to check your iPhone more often to see for messages. Some iPhone users experience that their iPhone doesn’t notify them when they receive a text, a problem that is difficult to fix.

This iPhone text notification problem can be caused by multiple things. But generally for some users, this is actually a bug that Apple is responsible for for the iPhone 11 with iOS 14, which has been existing for months.

This text notification problem can be the sound alert, lock screen notification, banner, or vibration. Some users experience all or a fraction of these. Some experience the problems only for some apps, or maybe all.

Let’s see whether your problem is either that bug or misconfigured iPhone settings.

Make sure DND (Do Not Disturb) is off on your iPhone

If your iPhone has the Do Not Disturb feature turned on, your iPhone won’t notify you of messages unless you open your phone and check the notification center yourself.

If you don’t remember whether you turned on the Do Not Disturb feature, you can check it on the Settings app. Tap the Do Not Disturb. You can either turn off the Do Not Disturb feature entirely or set a schedule when the feature is active.

Turn off the “Hide alert” feature

iPhone has the “Hide alert” feature that is useful to mute text notifications that come from a specific sender. This feature may be accidentally turned on, and if you think you don’t get notifications from specific senders, you might need to turn this off.

To turn off this feature, simply open the message. Tap the information icon that is located at the top-right. Set the toggle off at Hide alert.

Keep your iOS version up-to-date

If nothing solves your text notification problems, there is a chance it comes from a bug that Apple is responsible for. There’s nothing you can do other than waiting for a new update for your iPhone that can fix the bug.

But don’t worry, Apple is regularly providing updates every week or month. Just make sure you download and install them through the Settings app every time an update is released.

Not receiving text notifications is frustrating, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. However, if your problem is caused by a bug in the software, then waiting for a new update is the only way to fix the text notification problem.

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