CapCut Video Editor: Is it Safe to Use?

There are many video editing apps out there, and CapCut is one of the most popular. But, is CapCut safe to use?

CapCut Video Editor: Is it Safe to Use?

CapCut, a video editing app owned by ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, is the number one app on Google Play Store.It's also popular on App Store on iOS.But is Capcut safe to use? ByteDance, the company behind the popular video editing app CapCut, has been accused of collecting user data and sending it to the Chinese government.

This has led to concerns about the safety of using the app.CapCut is a popular app, but users are hesitant to use it for fear that their data may not be safe. Here's a look at CapCut's privacy policy and what it means for you.

Where is CapCut made?

The CapCut app was originally called Jianying in China.It was created by ByteDance to make video editing easier, especially for beginners.

Unique features include a music library with songs for videos, as well as special effects.CapCut is a sister app to TikTok, which is why some use it to edit TikTok videos. CapCut was released worldwide in April 2020 and is now one of the most popular video editing apps for Android and iOS. Some users have privacy concerns with TikTok's policy of collecting biometrics and other data.You might be wondering whether CapCut collects the same data as well as other details about its privacy policy.

What kind of data does CapCut collect?

According to its Google Play Store page, CapCut may collect your personal data such as location, audio recordings, videos and photos, voice recordings, CapCut's search history, and other app activities. The app also collects data on crash logs and app performance to help improve future versions.

CapCut collects device IDs that other companies commonly use to track you using other apps or websites for personalized advertisements. According to Apple's App Store page, CapCut collects the same thing, which are device IDs, the content (which is the videos you edit and the audio), how you use the app, contact info, and more. So, what does this conclude? In essence, CapCut tracks you anywhere for improving advertisement, as well as inexplicitly knowing who you are and the content you involve with while using the app; which are a lot of data a video editor ideally will collect. You can read here to learn the detail of CapCut's privacy policy.

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So, is it safe to use CapCut?

CapCut is generally safe to use, meaning it doesn't contain malware or anything that might harm your device, but it does collect more data than a video editing app normally would collect, which can be concerning as the collected data includes your content and potentially your identity. The data might be shared between other apps or services under the same company such as TikTok.It's unclear whether it is shared between third parties. If you are concerned about the amount of data CapCut collects about you, don't use the app and look for another alternative video editing app that provides similar features.