Keyboard Keys Swapped between @ and ” — Here’s How to Fix It on Windows 10

device manager

If you sometimes encounter your keyboard showing you ” instead of @ while typing, that means your keyboard keys have been swapped. Some people experience this on Windows 10. Here’s how to fix keyboard keys swapped between @ and ” on Windows 10.

Here’s a simple explanation: your keyboard works using a keyboard language. This swapped keys between @ and ” meaning the keyboard language itself is swapped into another language. That way, to solve this, you have switch back to another keyboard language.

Which is the language that uses ” on 2 key and uses @ on ‘? It’s the UK keyboard. If your Windows 10 is installed with both the US and UK keyboard languages, those languages might have been swapped this whole time.

How to Fix Keys Swapped between  @ and ” on Windows 10

Simply open the Settings app. Choose Time & Language.

time & language windows 10

Now choose Language. Scroll to Preferred languages. Here’s the place where you have to choose which language you prefer. If the US English language is what you want, just click it.

fixing the swapped keyboard keys between @ and "

Then click the Up arrow button to make the US English as a priority. Vice versa, you can also make the UK English as a priority as well by keeping it the way it is or moving it up if it is on the bottom.

keyboard keys @ and " are swapped on windows 10

Now here’s the keyboard language. You can tap the “ENG” button which is located on your Taskbar to switch between keyboard languages. Choose the English (United States) to fix the swapped keys between @ and “.

select keyboard language

If that doesn’t fix the swapped keys problem, try scan for hardware changes if the driver doesn’t work well

Open the Start menu. Search for Device Manager.

device manager

Look for Keyboards. Right-click then choose Scan for hardware changes.

standard ps/2 keyboard driver scan for hardware changes

You can also update it either by using the file you’ve downloaded from your PC’s brand and model official website.

Now, there’s no more swapped keys between @ and “. It turns out the problem is a lot simpler to be solved. You can also delete a keyboard language if you just don’t use it anymore. You can also change the keyboard language on Android easily.

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