How to Logout of Netflix on TV (Easy Steps)

logout of netflix on tv

Netflix is a cross-platform streaming service, but it has a different user interface on a different platform. Some might get a little, like to logout of the device, especially of the TV. Here’s how to logout of Netflix on TV.

Netflix is currently one of the largest streaming services, and it supports smart TV to stream and to watch shows/movies on a bigger screen conveniently from your bed or sofa.

The thing about the smart TV is that its controls aren’t straight-forward. Some people might find it difficult to find a logout button to secure your Netflix account, especially first-time smart TV users.

There are reasons why you want to sign out of Netflix on your TV, like wanting to access the same Netflix account on another smart TV, wanting to sell the TV, letting other people access their Netflix account on your TV, and more.

Regardless of the reasons, signing out of Netflix on the smart TV is simple.

How to logout of Netflix on TV

There are many smart TV brands that support Netflix, like Xbox consoles, Samsung TV, TCL TV, LG TV, and more. The signing out method may be variant, but it shouldn’t be that different.

To sign out, open the Netflix app.

Open the menu using the remote. Get to the Get Help section. Use the remote to select it.

There should be a sign-out button. Using the remote, highlight the button and select.

Use the remote to confirm.

Netflix hides its sign-out button in the Get Help section, making it a little confusing to make your Netflix account safer. Now that you can sign out of Netflix on the TV, you can sign in to another account easily or do the next thing you wanted to do after signing out.

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