Why You Lose Instagram Followers (& How To Fix It)

Losing Instagram followers is normal, but it isn’t if you lose a significant number of followers daily and randomly. Here are the reasons why and how to fix it.

why am i losing followers on instagram
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If you regularly gain followers every day but now you keep losing them instead, you might get concerned as you don’t know what your Instagram account does wrong. This post will help you learn why you lose Instagram followers and how to fix it.

Losing Instagram followers is normal, but it’s not when you lose a significant number of followers every day, randomly, or when you post a new picture or video. You are now afraid of losing potential customers and your audiences.

Why you lose followers on Instagram

There can be many reasons why you keep losing followers on Instagram. One of the most common things that cause it is you being shadowbanned on Instagram. Shadowban is simply a temporary ban that prevents your posts from being seen in the Instagram feeds or specifically, the explore feed.

The other reason you lose followers is that your content just isn’t great and the quality of it gradually decreases. This tells the audience that the account they’re following isn’t worth following anymore. This includes when you post a controversial thing, which also risks your Instagram account being reported.

Why you are being shadowbanned on Instagram

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you might get shadowbanned on Instagram. Keep in mind that the shadowban is a real thing but not visible to you and you might not know that you’re shadowbanned, so it feels like you just get unlucky days on Instagram when in fact there are important reasons why it happens.

In essence, you are shadowbanned on Instagram because you repeatedly use the same hashtag, bought followers, are reported, and are spammy. Instagram limits exposure for accounts that do these, especially the one being reported.

You repeatedly use the same or unrelated hashtag

Repeatedly using the same hashtags for each of your posts might tell Instagram that your account is being spammy. You might use the same hashtags to gain more exposure but it can backfire and actually limit the account’s visibility on the explore feed.

It’s not just Instagram or the algorithm, repetitive hashtags aren’t nice to look at for your followers or audiences. It screams desperation.

If you ever look up or follow a hashtag on Instagram, you’ll see a lot of unrelated posts and rarely see ones that match the hashtag, and you certainly don’t want to put unrelated hashtags on your posts too.

You buy followers

Instagram reportedly has 95 million fake followers and maybe even more. If you ever look up to your favorite celebrities, you may see a huge gap between their follower number and the engagement (likes and comments) they actually have on each post. That’s because they buy followers. This is even more common in “influencers” who just started.

Instagram accounts that bought or buy followers will see a significant decrease number of followers because Instagram always removes bots or fake ones.

It’s self-explanatory and if you experience it yourself but never buy a follower, you might unknowingly have bots or fake accounts following you, and that’s normal. You may even want to remove bot followers yourself to prevent shadowban so you stop losing followers.

Buying followers, however, isn’t tolerated. It may give a sense that your Instagram account is getting popular to attract more followers but it might cause your account to be shadowbanned, which causes you to lose a lot of followers every day.

You are being reported

Being reported isn’t fun on Instagram. You can get temporarily banned which prevents you from signing in and accessing your account. Your visibility can also be limited on the explore feed, especially if you post a controversial thing. That makes you lose Instagram followers.

Other reasons you keep losing followers

There are other reasons why you keep losing followers on Instagram:

Bad content quality

If you have bad quality content or good content but its quality gradually decreases, you may see a significant drop in your follower number and it can happen on a daily basis. It’s self-explanatory as audiences don’t want a drop in the quality of posts from an account they’re following.

You deactivated your account

If you deactivated your Instagram account in the past, you may see a significant decrease in your follower number. You may experience this on a personal Instagram account as well, as your followers think your account doesn’t exist anymore.

You made your account private

If you made your Instagram account private, potential audiences that don’t follow you think you avoid more exposure for your Instagram account. You may see a drop in follower number every time you make your Instagram account private. It’s also difficult to keep up accepting followers manually, too.

How to stop losing followers on Instagram

The solution is to get out of the shadowban and to make good quality content on Instagram so you don’t lose followers anymore. It sounds like it takes a lot of hard work. However, it’s still achievable.

Get out of the shadowban

You can get out of the shadowban by stopping using repetitive or unrelated hashtags, buying followers, using third-party software/apps to access your Instagram account, and posting controversial stuff on Instagram. You should also create great content, too.

Post only good quality content

Good quality content tells the Instagram algorithm that your account is worth following, and it increases the visibility on the explore feed. That doesn’t just stop you from losing followers but also attracts more followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is shadowban permanent?

No. Shadowban isn’t permanent. It’s temporary and you should see you stop being shadowbanned when you stop losing followers or gain more on daily basis.

How long will I stop losing followers?

After stopping using repetitive hashtags, third-party apps to access your account, and being generally spammy, while posting only good quality content, you should stop losing followers in a few weeks and actually gain more afterward.

Being shadowbanned causes your Instagram account to lose followers randomly or daily. If you don’t think you’re shadowbanned, you might want to rethink the quality of content you have posted. You can also ask for feedback to improve content quality.

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