How To Make a Post Public on Facebook So It Can Be Shared

There's a feature on Facebook that you can use to let more people see your post. Here's how to make a post public on Facebook.

How To Make a Post Public on Facebook So It Can Be Shared

Facebook allows you to change the privacy setting for every Facebook post you have published.This makes it easy to protect your privacy by choosing who can see your post.Here's how to make a post public on Facebook. Choosing who can see or share your post is important.

You can make a Facebook post that can only be viewed by you, by your friends, or the public (which is anyone). If you accidentally choose the wrong privacy setting for the post, like setting it to be seen for friends, you can change it to the public one any time.No need to make a new post that is set to the public. You can do this both on the Android/iPhone app or the web on the desktop.Both ways provide an easy method to turn a private Facebook post into a public one.

How to make a post public on

Simply open the Facebook website, and sign in to your account as usual.

Click your profile picture.This is going to open all of your posts you have published. On the Facebook post you want to edit the privacy setting for, simply click the three-dots button.Select Edit audience how to make a post public on facebook You're going to see a popup with some privacy setting options.

You can select Public, Friends, Friends except, Specific friends, and Only me.Select Public to make the Facebook post public. select audience Now, you will see that the Facebook post uses the globe icon, which when you hover your cursor on it, it is going to says Public. public Everyone will now be able to share and view your Facebook post.

Change the privacy for Facebook posts on Android/iPhone

Open the Facebook app inside your Android/iPhone.Tap the hamburger button.

Tap your profile name. seeing a facebook profile Tap the three-dots button of the Facebook post you want to make public. selecting a button Here, simply select Edit Privacy to make the post public. edit privacy You're going to see options to select.Select Public to make the Facebook post public, so anyone including people outside Facebook can read your Facebook post. select public Once you are done selecting or making the post public, simply go back, and it applies the new privacy setting for that post.

Facebook lets you make any post you have published either private or public.You can also choose to show the post for you only.

Or, choosing specific friends if you want.

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