How to Make Cortana Use Google & Chrome Instead of Bing & Edge

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Cortana is one of the most well-known personal assistant that is developed by Microsoft, and mounted in Windows 10. If you use Windows 10 and Cortana, you may find out that Cortana will use Bing as search engine. Cortana will also use Microsoft Edge, the built-in browser by Microsoft, to open the search result in browser, despite the default browser you chose is Google Chrome.

Some people want to make Cortana use Google and Chrome instead of Bing & Edge. That was almost impossible when Windows 10 was released, because everyone had no idea how to change the search engine and browser that is used by Cortana. Then, a trick came up that lets Cortana use Google and Chrome instead of Bing and Edge.

That trick still holds up to this day, despite the latest Windows 10 version separate Cortana with Search. Today, you can’t use Cortana to search the web, you will need to use the separate button at the Taskbar to do so. That Search feature is useful for users when they want to search things really quickly, like searching from search engine or searching files.

That new search feature also put recent files you accessed, quick search for weather, and something more like quick access your documents, Excel files, or anything depending on your habits using your PC. Windows 10 also have two separate settings you can find in Settings app.

If you try to find a setting that allows you to change Cortana search engine, you would not find. You would not find that either in the search setting itself. To make Cortana or Windows search use Google as search engine and Chrome (or any other favorite browser) as default web browser, you have to do that trick we’ve talked about before, but in different way.

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How to Make Cortana Use Google Chrome (or Any Browser) Instead of Microsoft Edge

First, you have to make sure that Google Chrome is your default browser selected in Settings app. To do this, just press Windows + X, and then click Settings.

how to make cortana use google

Now, you’ll have to click Apps.

use google instead of bing

Click Default apps. Scroll down a little bit, and then you will find Web Browser. If Google Chrome is selected, then it’s fine (and then do other steps afterward). If selected default browser is Microsoft Edge, choose Google Chrome by clicking at the selected browser.

selecting default web browser for cortana web search

Click Google Chrome to select it as default web browser in Windows 10.

cortana web search using google chrome

Now, it isn’t enough for the latest Windows 10 version to use Chrome as default browser whenever you search something using Cortana or Windows search. Cortana will keep using Microsoft Edge to open search result, which is frustrating.

The reason this is happening is because the latest Windows 10 version calls Microsoft Edge’s URL protocol to open up any URL from Cortana/Windows search in Microsoft Edge only.

To make Cortana really use Google Chrome, you will have to use this third-party software which is small software and run in the background, to keep Cortana use Chrome as default browser to open URL or search result, called EdgeDeflector.

Download EdgeDeflector

Now, to download the software you just need to visit the page above, and then click EdgeDeflector_install.exe. That is the setup file which is really easy to install in your Windows 10.

cortana stop use microsoft edge

Now, once the download is done, run the setup file. Then install by following the structure written in the setup file.

stop use microsoft edge

Once the software is installed, you still can’t make Cortana use Chrome. It’s because the software doesn’t hold up to the latest Windows 10 version which is released in 2019 (the software latest version is 2017).

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But, that doesn’t mean the software is unnecessary. You have to do the manual steps to make Cortana use Chrome.

To do this, just open Settings > Apps > Default apps. Click Choose default apps by protocol.

change default browser by protocol

Now, scroll down to MICROSOFT-EDGE URL:microsoft-edge protocol. At the right, click at the selected browser which is obviously Microsoft Edge, and then replace it with EdgeDeflector. This will make that software do the works to make Cortana use Chrome as default browser to open URL that is supposed to be opened in Microsoft Edge.

open microsoft edge url with google chrome

Now, let’s try the Cortana or Windows search. Type something there, and once you click the search result, it will open in Google Chrome or any other browser.

cortana web search

But, it will keep using Bing as search engine. Cortana now opens any search with Chrome, but keep using Bing.

cortana web search open chrome

To fix this, you will need to do the final steps.

How to Make Cortana Use Google Search Instead of Bing

To make Cortana use Google search, you will have to install this Chrome extension: Chrometana.

Download Chrometana

To install the extension, just click Add to Chrome.

chrome extension to open google search

Now, click Add extension.

install extension to use google instead of bing in cortana

Once the installation process is done, you will immediately see the result. Now, everything that use Bing will eventually use Google search. Including Cortana or Windows search. Cortana will use Google search as the default search engine until you remove the extension.

Cortana is one of the most popular personal assistant, and it’s obvious that people prefer Chrome as default browser and Google search as search engine. Cortana can use Chrome and Google search with those steps we’ve talked about in this tutorial, and if you find a problem, let me know.

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