How To Make Two Columns in Google Docs (or More)

Google Docs has a way to make two columns in Google Docs easily. But some find it difficult. Here’s how to do that, including on Android/iPhone.

multiple columns in google docs

Google Docs provides simple ways to split your document into different columns. Here’s how to do it on Google Docs web.

Columns in Google Docs are things that separate content and order it from left to right (usually), like a brochure. You can make two columns in Google Docs, or even more.

Unfortunately, managing columns in Google Docs mobile apps (Android/iPhone) is currently not available. You can only do these on the computer.

How to create two columns in Google Docs (web)

Adding more columns in Google Docs can be done on the web. Simply open the Google Docs on your browser, sign in to your Google account, and create a new or edit document.

Now, simply select Format > Columns on the menu. Select how many columns you want. You can select a maximum of three columns.

how to make two columns in google docs

You’re going to immediately see the result.

multiple columns in google docs

You can also select More options to specify the spacing and the line between columns.

column options in google docs

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How to create columns for specific text/content in Google Docs (web)

You can also create columns for specific paragraphs only. It’s simple. Select the text you want to create columns for. Now go to the Format > Columns, and select how many columns you want for those paragraphs.

How to start writing in the next column (web)

You might want to start a new column on a page where columns are already made. You can do this by inserting a column break.

Simply move your mouse cursor or pointer to the next column where you want to start writing. Click Insert. Select Break > Column break.

insert break column in google docs

How to delete a column in Google Docs (web)

If you want to make some specific paragraphs in one column instead of using two or three columns, you can do that by selecting those paragraphs, and go to the Format > Columns > one column.

format columns

Selecting that is going to remove the two columns for those paragraphs only. If you want to remove two or three columns for all, simply do select any text and then proceed to select one column option.

Google Docs provides an easy way to divide or split your page into two or three columns. You can also add the visible column line and manage the custom spacing for that.

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