How to Fix Microsoft Click-To-Run High CPU Usage

When your PC goes too hot, or it is lagging, checking the Task Manager is the right choice. But when you see that it is caused by the Microsoft Click-To-Run high CPU usage, you might be wondering how to fix it.

There are some solutions you can do to fix the high CPU usage of OfficeC2Rclient.exe.

But, What is Microsoft Click-To-Run (OfficeC2Rclient.exe)?

Before fixing the problem, you might want to know what is the Microsoft Click-To-Run exactly is. The OfficeC2Rclient.exe is the Microsoft Click-To-Run executable file that runs when the system is updating the Microsoft Office apps.

The updating process should not cause a problem when updating the Office apps, but some people have said that the Microsoft Click-To-Run (OfficeC2Rclient.exe) cause high CPU usage in the Task Manager, which is frustrating if it actually did not do anything related to your Microsoft Office apps.

Let’s see how you can fix that.

How to Fix Microsoft Office Click-To-Run High CPU Usage by Repairing Office Client

The solution you can do about this is by repairing the Office client.

First, open the Control Panel and head to Programs and Features. You can also do that by typing appwiz.cpl in Run dialog box then press Enter.

run dialog service to fix microsoft office click to run high cpu usage

Right-click the client file in the Programs and Features list then choose Repair or Change


Follow the setup process until it’s done. Once done, restart your PC.

Fixing the High CPU Usage by Disabling the Service

If the first method above didn’t solve your problem, or the service is still in high CPU usage state, you can disable the service for a while. Keep in mind you should know the function of the service before doing this since it may cause a problem because the Office apps aren’t updated properly.

Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows+R keys at the same time. Type services.msc then press Enter.


Scroll down until you see the Microsoft Click-To-Run service. Right-click it and choose Properties.

properties in services windows 10

On Startup type, choose Disabled and click OK.

disabled microsoft office click to run

Some services in Windows may cause a problem, like the Microsoft Click-To-Run high CPU usage, which should not ever happen in all cases. But if that happens on your PC, you may try to solve the problem with the above solutions.

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