Microsoft Launcher Review: Experiences, Interface, Features, and More

Unlike most launcher app, this one has best completely free features and that’s align with other Microsoft product such as Cortana.

microsoft launcher review

Microsoft released its own native Android home screen aka launcher. After giving up its Windows Phone with Metro UI, Microsoft tries to enter the Android app market by releasing an Android launcher. It’s amazing because this strategy empowers Microsoft’s vision itself, and its own long-term benefits: selling software.

Microsoft has been the leader in the software industry for decades. With the new strategy, Microsoft is trying to enter the Android app market by doing different things. Microsoft Launcher is one of them. With that in mind, Microsoft Launcher sounds like a great deal.

So let’s talk about Microsoft Launcher. How good it is, what features they provide, what differentiates it from another launcher app, how good the user experience is, and everything about Microsoft Launcher.

Why Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is the only thing that makes it different than most Android launchers. If you compare Microsoft Launcher to Rootless Launcher, Microsoft Launcher has become a better choice for me personally, because of the fact that they provide more features and I don’t really like Pixel look. This launcher app has more than 1 million reviews with a 4.6 star rating.

The giant software company also add Cortana to its Android launcher, making it a lot better than the rest. If you use other Microsoft apps/services like its calendar app, this app is for you. The only thing that the app required is that you have to log in to Microsoft Launcher with Microsoft account, and I think this won’t turn off most users because they don’t bother making a new one.

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If you use Windows 10 PC constantly, this app is also for you. Microsoft Launcher has amazingly provided the best out of it by enabling picture sharing from your Android phone to your Windows 10 PC through the launcher app. You can edit your document seamlessly between your PC and your phone, also through the launcher app.

How to Download and Setup Microsoft Launcher

You can download Microsoft Launcher here.

After installation, open it and you will see this. Just tap Get Started. Then either tap OK or Not Now.

microsoft launcher review

Now, Microsoft Launcher will let you choose your wallpaper. You can choose either your own that’s been already used or Bing daily wallpaper that will change your wallpaper automatically coming from Bing. Choosing Bing daily wallpaper takes more internet data, though, if you just feel enough with your own then tap Current wallpaper then tap Continue.

This launcher app also provides you with a backup tool that does backup automatically. It only needs your Microsoft account to start fully backing up your launcher settings and that backup will be uploaded into OneDrive. So you only pay more to get more OneDrive storage.

I’ve been using Microsoft Launcher for over a year now, and I can restore those backup files. So I’m going to tap the Restore button.

backup restore microsoft launcher

Microsoft Launcher can backup everything in the launcher including a list of apps and widgets, all settings, wallpapers, and even contacts. This is one of the cool launcher apps I’ve ever used.

I’m going to tap Restore now button.

Now, the setup process has been done! I’m going to tap the Let’s go button.

setup done microsoft launcher

Now, Microsoft Launcher wants me to set that app as the default launcher. You can either choose Set as default then choose Microsoft Launcher or Later if you would like to choose different launchers at the same time alongside your default Android launcher.

Microsoft Launcher’s interface and features

As you can see below, the Microsoft Launcher setup has been done and it has listed every app I’ve ever been using this whole time. If you didn’t use Microsoft Launcher for the first time, it will guide you on how to use Microsoft Launcher with its swipe and more features.

Microsoft Launcher also provides you really simple widgets with a cool and non-flashy interface. This is great because most launcher app is flashy and that makes me really cringes.

On the widget, you can also read news and check your calendar in a different tab. This launcher app is best because it helps your productivity without making you feel “buyers’ remorse” kind of stuff after installing the app.

This launcher app also has an amazing simple dock. The dock is a list of apps and settings that’s located at the bottom of your home screen, which can be opened by swiping up at the bottom of your screen. It shows you a notifications toggle. If you don’t like this, you can remove it at the settings.

Let’s see the app drawer. Microsoft Launcher’s app drawer is amazing and cool because it’s so simplistic yet modern. It looks native but with the addition of Microsoft products’ kind of interface. If you don’t really like the rectangle icon, you can download another icon pack and put that inside Microsoft Launcher.

The app drawer column can be configured in the settings. Including the icon side and text color and the background.

If you’re tapping and holding it for a second it will show you these options (see the picture at the right). You can access the settings, add more widgets, changing wallpapers from this option.

Microsoft Launcher’s setting page

Microsoft Launcher has a simple and easy-to-understand setting page. You can change your wallpaper, themes, home screen, dock, app drawer, gesture, feed, search, and Cortana.

Let’s see the wallpaper settings. You can choose either lock screen or home screen wallpaper. You can choose between your own wallpaper or daily Bing wallpaper.

microsoft launcher setting page

Microsoft Launcher also provides a dark theme. You can switch that in the setting. From here, you can change how much blur, accent color, and also opacity.

microsoft launcher dark theme

Not only dark theme though, but Microsoft Launcher also lets you choose a transparent theme or a System theme, with the addition of a Light theme. Light theme is not your System theme, but a theme that’s created by Microsoft Launcher.

microsoft launcher another theme

Microsoft Launcher also lets you to changes your icon layout and size. Compared to other launcher apps, this app is amazing because it’s 100% free to customize. Most launcher apps won’t let you change the icon layout and size with many options.

microsoft launcher other features

This launcher app also has dock and app drawer icons features that can be customized with many options you can choose configures. You can hide the background, change dock size, change app drawer icon size and column and row, hide folder name, etc.

other launcher feature

Microsoft Launcher’s user experiences conclusion

I think this app has the best launcher features because it’s completely free and provides many options you can configure. Unlike most launcher apps, this one has the best completely free features that align with other Microsoft products such as Cortana. You can also hide apps using Microsoft Launcher.

Microsoft Launcher is also smooth because it’s a native app. If you have a low-end Android smartphone, this launcher also fits and works well. You don’t have to pay a dollar, this app is absolutely free.

You’ve known what is good and what is bad about Microsoft Launcher through this review. You may want to download it now from the Play Store. If you’ve your own favorite Android launcher, let us know in the comment below.

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