How To Fix Microsoft Teams Camera Not Working on Windows

Web conferencing has to be easy, but Microsoft Teams seem to have a problem with your camera. Here’s how to fix the camera not working on Microsoft Teams.

how to fix microsoft teams camera not working

“Having a web conference makes it easy to meet colleagues anywhere, and it can be easier with a collaboration app like Microsoft Teams. But it’s difficult when your camera or webcam not working using Microsoft Teams on Windows.

You have opened the Microsoft Teams app, but the camera doesn’t seem to show anything. You can hear everyone and everyone can hear you. This can be frustrating when you are already in a meeting and don’t have enough time to fix the problem.

How to fix Microsoft Teams webcam or camera not working

Clear Microsoft Teams cache

Microsoft Teams use a cache to store information offline, but sometimes it’s conflicted, and clearing the cache might solve the problem. Fortunately, it’s easy to clear the cache on Microsoft Teams.

Sign out of Microsoft Teams app. Exit the app. Press the Windows+R key, paste this path, and press Enter:


Delete everything inside the appdata Microsoft Teams folder. Restart your PC.

Ensure that you allow camera access for Microsoft Teams

Windows 11 and Windows 10 make it easy for users to change permission, including the permission to access your camera. If you accidentally disable it previously, you might want to enable it again so Microsoft Teams can use the camera.

To do this, simply press the Windows button and search for Camera privacy settings.

how to fix microsoft teams camera not working

Here, simply go to Privacy & Security > Camera. On the right side of the Camera access, ensure it’s turned on. If it isn’t, simply turn it on.

privacy security camera

Scroll down a little bit, and also ensure that Microsoft Teams have access to the camera. Turn it on if it isn’t.

privacy security camera

Update the camera or webcam driver

If your camera driver is outdated, you should probably update it since outdated drivers might cause unnecessary bugs and errors that you don’t have to experience if the drivers are up-to-date.

Open the Windows Update. You can do that on the Settings app > Windows Update. Select Check for updates and wait until it finds an update for the camera driver.

windows update

But this solution only works if your camera driver isn’t just outdated but also the availability of the camera driver. If there’s no update for it, then you can do another suggestion.

You can try updating the camera driver through the Device Manager. Press the Windows key+X and select Device Manager.

device manager

Here, select the Cameras and select your webcam, then select Update driver.

update driver

Disable and enable again the camera device

You can try disabling the camera device and then enabling it again which might solve the camera not working issue on Microsoft Teams. You can do that on the Device Manager app which you can access through the previous method.

But, this time, you select Disable device. Wait for a few seconds. Then, select Enable device.

Using the troubleshooters

Windows has the troubleshooter that might solve the camera not working problem. Fortunately, you can do that easily through the Settings app. You can access it quicker by pressing the Windows key and searching for troubleshoot settings. Open the result.

troubleshoot settings

Here, select Other troubleshooters. Under Other, select Run on the right side of the Camera.

run camera troubleshooter

Wait for a new window to open, and follow the instruction it gives you.

Web conferencing shouldn’t be difficult, but there’s a time when things don’t work out very well, like the camera not working when using Microsoft Teams. Hopefully, the above suggestions solve your problem.

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