How To Monitor Your Child’s Phone With Tracking Apps

Are you a parent and concerned over your children’s activities on the internet? Try one of these child monitoring apps.

monitoring child apps

If you are a parent of a teenager, chances are you have already had the conversation about responsible use of technology. You likely told your child that he or she is not allowed to use the family smartphone or computer for anything other than homework.

But how can you be sure that your child is following your rules? One way to keep tabs on your child’s online activity is to install a monitoring app on their phone.

There are a number of tracking apps available that allow tracking someone else’s messages, but how do you choose the most reliable ones? Let’s take a look at 5 apps that are worth considering.


mSpy is one of the most popular monitoring apps on the market. It allows parents to monitor their children’s phone activity, including text messages, phone calls, and internet activity. mSpy can also be used to track a child’s location.

The best thing about mSpy is that it is easy to use. It can be installed in minutes and doesn’t require any technical expertise. So, with mSpy, you can rest assured that your child is safe and their online activity is being monitored.


FamiSafe is a newer tracking app that has quickly gained a following. It is designed to help parents protect their children from online dangers, including cyberbullying, predators, and sexting.

FamiSafe can be used to track a child’s location, monitor their phone calls and texts, and restrict the websites they can visit. It also has a feature that allows parents to view their child’s social media activity.

Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier is another great option for parents who want to keep their children safe online. It allows parents to track their child’s location, monitors their phone calls and texts, and restricts the websites they can visit.

It also allows parents to set up “rules,” such as setting bedtimes and limiting how much time their children can spend online. Like FamiSafe, it also has a feature for monitoring social media activity, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.


Qustodio is another program designed to help parents with their family’s digital safety. It is similar to Norton Family Premier, with the addition of content controls. Parents can block specific websites and monitor which apps are used on their child’s devices.

It also features an option for time management that allows parents to set curfews and maximum screen time per day.


PhoneSheriff is another parental monitoring software to keep an eye on teens. The key feature of PhoneSheriff is GPS tracking, which enables parents to locate their child at any time. Parents can also monitor text messages and emails sent via smartphones or tablets.

One downside to PhoneSheriff is that it is not as user-friendly as mSpy. It can be difficult to install and requires some technical knowledge.

How to Choose the Best Monitoring App

If you wish to choose a monitoring app that will fit all your tracking needs, the following factors need to be considered:


The features of the tracking app are the most important factor. The app should be able to do everything you need it to do. It should allow you to track calls, texts, location, and other activities of the target.

Ease of Use

The first factor is the ease of use. The app should be easy to install and use. Otherwise, it will only create more problems for you.


The app should be compatible with the device your target uses. It should be able to run smoothly without any glitches or problems.


Finally, consider the price of the app. Some apps are free for a limited time period, while others may charge a one-time fee.

When choosing an app to monitor someone, make sure to consider the three factors mentioned above. The app should be easy to use, compatible with the device your target uses, and affordable.

The above-mentioned tracking apps are top-rated ones, which are highly recommended by users. So, go ahead and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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