How To Move Taskbar to the Left on Windows 11

Windows 11 brings something new, and one of them is the centered Taskbar. It’s like the macOS Dock feature but on Windows 11. The good thing is that you can switch it back. Here’s how to move Taskbar to the left on Windows 11.

Microsoft doesn’t add this change without letting you adapt, unlike the Windows 11 Taskbar size. You might not be used to the new centered Taskbar on Windows 11 yet. If you’re not ready, you can always make it to the left, just like on Windows 10.

What you can move to the left or center is not just the Start menu but also the icons of pinned and opened programs/apps. The System tray, battery, clock, Action Center, and volume icons are still on the right.

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How to move Taskbar to the left on Windows 11

Windows 11 allows you to move the Taskbar to the left or center through the Settings app. The customization is as easy as it is on Windows 10.

Simply open the Settings app. You can do that through the Start menu.

opening settings on windows 11

Select Personalization.

personalization windows 11

Here, select Taskbar. You can move the Start menu and pinned/opened apps/programs icons to the left by selecting the Left on Taskbar alignment option.

taskbar left or center on windows 11

Choosing the left-aligned Taskbar will make it look like Windows 10. You can switch the Taskbar to the center any time once you’re getting used to it.

Windows 11 positions the Taskbar in the center by default. If you don’t like it or just don’t get used to it, you can always move it to the left just like what Taskbar on Windows 10 looks like.

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